Tangmere Parish Council seeks clarity over 'key issues' in emerging plans for 1,000 homes

The 'peaceful setting' of the listed church must be protected, the parish council said.
The 'peaceful setting' of the listed church must be protected, the parish council said.

Tangmere Parish Council has said there remain some key issues to be resolved before it can give its full backing to emerging plans for at least 1,000 new homes in the village.

Countryside Properties, the partner chosen by Chichester District Council to develop the strategic site west of Tangmere, is due to unveil its latest masterplan for the site at a public meeting on September 26.

Discussions have been underway between the parish council and Countryside over the scheme for several months.

Andrew Irwin, chairman of the parish council, said councillors were willing to support the masterplan – but only if it honoured the terms set out in the Tangmere Neighbourhood Plan, which has been approved by residents.

"We want them to deliver on all the key issues in the neighbourhood plan,” he said. “I’m confident that they will realise they need the support of the parish council and the residents.”

Giving an update on the discussions, Mr Irwin said: “There are some key issues where we haven’t got the clarity we’re hoping for.”

One of the issues is creating an east to west connection, so that residents can travel from one side of the village to the other without having to use the A27.

“We want to use this masterplan to create an identifiable heart of the village,” said Mr Irwin, however he added that it was important to prevent Malcolm Road becoming a rat run.

The parish council is also keen to see a new standalone sports centre or community centre in the village, as opposed to an extension to the existing centre, as had been mooted.

Thirdly, the ‘peaceful setting’ of the Grade I listed St Andrew’s Church must be guaranteed, Mr Irwin said.

If these key demands are resolved, Mr Irwin said Tangmere would be one of few parish councils in the country to actually support the doubling in size of a village.

He invited residents to attend the parish council meeting on September 12, when he said the outcome of the latest discussions with Countryside would be revealed.

Countryside has been consulting residents on its emerging masterplan for the site over the summer, with two community drop in sessions held in June.

It hopes to submit an outline planning application to Chichester District Council before the end of the year.

Andrew Carrington, Managing Director, Housebuilding (Strategic Land), Countryside, said: "“Countryside is working closely with Chichester District Council, along with the Parish and County Councils, to inform the masterplan process.

"We will be holding further consultations towards the end of September to ensure that all relevant parties have had the opportunity to review and contribute further to the evolution of the masterplan.”

The land to the west of Tangmere, which encompasses around 189 acres, was allocated for housing in Chichester District Council’s local plan.

A compulsory purchase order of the land is still being progressed and is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

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