The search is on for missing loved companion

Luis with missing companion Bear
Luis with missing companion Bear

A call for help to residents of Chichester as weeks are passing in the search for a missing black cat.

Luis Coward, who lives by Parklands, Chichester, has been left heartbroken since his cat, Bear, is yet to return to his home.

Luis’s mother, Marie Coward explained that her sons two year old black cat is not only Luis’s companion but also his very best friend.

Bear is very slender and has an extremely shiny black coat, both microchipped and neutered.

Luis, Marie, friends and family have put up many flyers around the Parklands area and shared posts via all social media.

Despite Marie receiving lots of response from people sighting a cat that is very similar to bear, everytime she rushes to the area he is no where to be found.

The family of Bear have contacted the cat shelters the vets and the council but there has been no news of him.

This Sunday it will be 4 weeks and as days go by Luis and Marie are getting more and more anxious as they Marie explained this is totally out of character for Bear.

Marie, said: “He was always either sitting on Luis wheelchair or on his lap and when we go to visit he was always straight in from the garden to greet us.

“If anyone has him please let him go home or we can collect him.”

Fireworks and Halloween are soon approaching and Bear’s family fear he will be very scared so if anyone has any information please contact Maria on 07881930522 or Luis’s carer on 01243936671 and askto speak with Cornell.