Travellers arrive in Oaklands Park

Some of the caravans and cars that moved into the site today
Some of the caravans and cars that moved into the site today

A group of travellers have moved into Oaklands Park today (Friday August 16).

About ten caravans have moved into the park as well as a number of cars.

Chichester's weekly park run group have cancelled this week's meet due to the caravans blocking the route.

In a statement post on social media, the organisers said: "Good morning everyone. Unfortunately we again have unwanted visitors who compromise our course. We have visited the site and met with council officials who feel that there are quite possibly more to come.

"So it is with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to cancel our parkrun this week. This is the third time this year that we have had to deal with this situation and the advice from officials is that people power will be the strongest way to get action from the powers that be.

"So please vent your frustration with the council or police; we certainly will be doing so! As previously advertised, we have no event next week owing to another event in the park so hopefully see you all on 31st."

Last month, travellers caused anger after residents complained about what was left behind in the park. Read more here: Human faeces and litter reportedly left by travellers in Oaklands Park