YouTuber JaackMaate hides secret golden ticket in Chichester – here's what he thought of the city

A YouTuber, with more than one million subscribers, has revealed all about a secret project which saw him visit Chichester.

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 3:22 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th May 2021, 5:33 pm

Jack Dean better known as JaackMaate, kept fans guessing for weeks, as he ventured across all 51 cities in England for a project named 'Operation Slugworth'.

The YouTuber, and podcast host from Norwich, revealed to his 1.4m subscribers on Wednesday evening that he had left a golden ticket in each city, which could be worth up to £5,000.

Using the clues that Jack had featured in the video, fans rushed to be the first to find the hidden ticket in their local area.

Speaking to the Observer, Jack said the ticket he hid in a bush in Priory Park was found within 30 minutes.

"The reaction is way crazier than I imagined," he added.

"I strategically hid the Norwich one in a local park, and had my partner Fi scout it out 15 minutes after the video dropped. There must have been 200 people all looking at the same time.

"It's been insane. It's so rewarding getting people out and about especially after the past year stuck inside."

Chichester left a lasting impression on Jack, who thought the city 'looked lovely'.

Along with his partner Fiona, and fellow YouTuber Alfie Indra, Jack had given a sneak peak of Chichester to his 254,000 Instagram followers, as he made his way through the cathedral earlier this month.

In the short video, the trio compared the historic building to that of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, from Harry Potter.

Jack said: "I genuinely had to Google to see if any of the Hogwarts scenes from Harry Potter were filmed there as it looked so similar.

Chichester left a lasting impression on Jack (left), who thought the city 'looked lovely'. Photo: jaackmaate (Instagram)

"I loved it.

"The weather always plays a huge part in my overall opinion of a city, but even the grey dull skies didn’t dampen our spirits whilst in Chichester.

"All the locals calling it 'Chi' was a bit too posh for my liking however."

Jack, who hosts the popular Happy Hour Podcast, which has featured a number of big name celebrities, said he met 'quite a few' fans in Chichester.

"They were really nice," he said. "One of the guys was wearing TGF’s hoodie & Callux’s trainers so obviously a real YouTube fan.

"I’ve got so many big plans for content but have been so restricted because of lockdown, it’s a pleasure to get out and explore again.

"There’s some dreadful parts of the country, but equally some beautiful parts. Chichester impressed us, but ultimately I think Plymouth takes the crown."