Petition planned on A27 improvements

THE IDEA of an e-petition pressing for major improvements to the A27 in West Sussex will be considered by the county council.

It was suggested by Cllr James Walsh, in a bid to put pressure on the Highways Agency to come up with cash for improvements at Chichester, Worthing and Arundel.

He said invitations to drivers to sign it should be made through the press, radio and television, plus roadside advertising.

The issue of A27 improvements had been going on for 30 years, he added.

The e-petition would be signed by business people, residents and tourists – everyone who used the road and faced daily tailbacks of a mile and a mile and a half, adding enormously to industry’s costs.

Leader Cllr Louise Goldsmith said the issue of the A27 was long and on-going. “People just want to get something done,” she declared.

Each key area was important, but they had to look at the whole of the A27, which was why she had been talking to people from outside, including representatives of Hampshire.

“In the meantime, we have to look at how we can get traffic moving more smoothly and quickly along the A27,” she added.

“There are things we can do, and will come to the council in the autumn to talk more about where we are.”

She was not against the idea of an e-petition, and would look at this.

“The question is when – timing on this is everything,” said Cllr Goldsmith.