Petworth miniatures collection gets global interest

Royie Joseph with her collection.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131527-2
Royie Joseph with her collection.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131527-2

A VERY small collection in Petworth has received a very big response from around the globe.

In November, the Observer wrote an article about Royie Joseph’s collection of miniatures.

Royie has spent more than 30 years collecting these tiny collections of furniture, dolls and animals.

The miniatures – so named because they are not in dolls’ houses – depict spectacular scenarios.

And Royie has fully-equipped bedrooms, lounges, kitchens, libraries and even scaled-down pieces of art, including Monet and Van Gogh.

But she came into the Observer, asking if we could help find a home for the collection as she has run out of space.

The condition is that children are able to visit and enjoy it.

And now it has garnered attention from around the globe.

“All of my collections come to life – they tell a story,” said Royie.

This, she says, is the only collection of its kind in England.

Barbara in the Netherlands tweeted the Observer: “I’ll have a good home for it in the Netherlands.”

Darren T Scala is the owner of D Thomas Fine Miniatures in America. He emailed the Observer asking if Royie’s collection could be transported across the Atlantic.

“I am an aspiring miniaturist with a deep passion for all things mini and I have plans to open my own shop in the Hudson Valley region of New York, just 25 miles north of NYC.

“It’s a historic location rich with art, history, culture and education and the target launch is Fall 2014.

“One of my main objectives in starting this business is to create awareness of miniatures and get people as excited and as passionate about them as I am!

“While I plan to retail traditional dollhouses, furniture, accessories, and the like, more importantly my shop will act as 
adjunct museum/gallery with collections on display to help educate people about this discipline.

“I would be thrilled to showcase Ms Joseph’s collection in my shop for the world to see.”

Lynda Douglas in Queensland, Australia, texted in asking us to update readers on what happens to the collection. “Please would you follow up on this story so we find out what happened to the collection.

“I love miniatures and have been unable to collect because my husband was in the army.

“We are now settled and would LOVE this collection, but alas we live in Australia!

“I hope it goes to a local museum.”

Meanwhile, the Brighton Toy and Model Museum has also been made aware of the collection, though is unable to take it at present.