PICTURE: Burst fire hydrant in Chichester

The burst water main in Chichester
The burst water main in Chichester

A BURST water main in Chichester spouted water several metres into the air today (Tuesday, February 17).

It is thought the pipe in St Pancras was damaged during routine maintenance work at around 11.30am.

Passersby stopped to look as water poured out and across the road.

Sarah Aquilina, who works at X-Cuts, saw it happen.

She said the pipe was being worked on when it exploded.

Serge Paris, who owns nearby cottages, said: “Sarah rang me and I honestly thought she was winding me up.

“She said its water, its 20ft high, I thought ‘I don’t believe it’.”

Portsmouth Water is now at the scene and is working to fix the problem.

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