PICTURE GALLERY: Oving Scarecrow Day 2014

THE sun – and the scarecrows – had their hats on as dozens of visitors went to Oving for the village’s big annual event.

Residents had gone the extra mile to create a whole range of imaginative, original and impressive creations for Oving Scarecrow Day.

Blown-Away Barry, Oving Scarecrow Day, 2014 SUS-140519-094633001

Blown-Away Barry, Oving Scarecrow Day, 2014 SUS-140519-094633001

Scarecrows were sunbathing, gardening, cooking and climbing drainpipes and streetlights around the village. There was even a Statue of Liberty scarecrow with a copy of the Observer tucked under its arm.

Animal scarecrows – wolfy in sheep’s clothing, puss in boots and scary crows – met active scarecrows who were fishing, driving a tank, parachuting and paint-balling.

Anne Jenkins, one of the organisers of the event, also designed commuter scarecrow Euston, who dreams of being in the mountains.

“I think the event has gone really well,” said Anne.

Gardener, Oving Scarecrow Day, 2014 SUS-140519-094608001

Gardener, Oving Scarecrow Day, 2014 SUS-140519-094608001

“It has been fantastic weather which has been wonderful. There is a real sense of community and everybody joins in.

“Today is the one day of the year where people walk around the village and really enjoy the efforts put in by all those who have taken part in the event.”

Anne thanked the group of organisers, but said ‘everyone in the village helps out’.

As part of the celebrations there were activities and events for people to join in with, including a steam engine from Amberley Working Museum, a vintage tractor, morris dancing, a dog obedience demonstration, live music at the Gribble Inn and arts and crafts at Jubilee Hall. There was 
also maypole dancing and a 
hawking display.

The Woodhorn Cup for the judge’s best scarecrow was awarded to Steven and Anne Bennett, of Church Lane.

The Goodwood Cup for the best organisation’s scarecrow was awarded to Boxgrove Primary School.

The Hague Trophy, or visitors’ choice, was voted for by the public. The winners were Amelia and Hanna Berry who made Despicrowable Me. Other scarecrows popular with the public were Olaf and Squarecrow.

Scarecrows which really stood out included Toucans Too Many, Blown-Away Barry, Specsaver Witch, Selfie Scarecrow and the Scarechef.

Scarecrows were also used to mark the centenary of the first world war, with some decorated in poppies, another scarecrow remembering the Oving Pals and nurses behind the front lines.