PICTURES: Joy as work to remove half a ton of seaweed '˜melted to the road' begins

Residents forced to put up with half a ton of seaweed '˜melted to the road' in their town are celebrating the end of a 20-day saga.

Monday, 22nd January 2018, 4:08 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:47 am
Brian Sims (centre) is delighted the 'extraordinary' amount of seaweed is finally being moved
Brian Sims (centre) is delighted the 'extraordinary' amount of seaweed is finally being moved

Storm Eleanor brought towering waves and floods to much of the south coast, but one town was left to deal with huge piles of stinking seaweed blocking their roads.

Brian Sims, who lives in Emsworth, said: “When storms come usually a bit of seaweed washes up, but this was a spectacular storm.

“The water came about 150 metres up the road from the slipway – it desposited an extraordinary amount of seaweed.”

Storm Eleanor left a huge amount of seaweed on King Street at the beginning of the year

Brian, 70, said cars struggled to drive down King Street because of several two-feet high mounds of the ocean weeds.

“One of my neighbours came over to me and said ‘how the hell am I going to move my car our without having to move half a ton of seaweed’?

“I tried it with a shovel but every time a car comes along we have to start from scratch.”

Not only was King Street’ newest flora causing an obstruction, but it also started to smell after several days.

Brian, who has spent his life working in Formula 1 racing, said he tried calling Hampshire Council about the issue several times.

However it was not until 20 days after the storm that there was finally progress.

A truck and workers arrived in King Street this afternoon to begin moving the unwanted seaweed.

But even then they said it was no easy task.

Brian added: “The difficulty they are having has proved that I wasn’t making a fuss about nothing.

“It has been here so long it has almost melted onto the road.”

Hampshire County Council has been approached for comment.