PICTURES: Pagham Pram Race 2017

'˜Another excellent day', that's how the Pagham Pram Race chairman summed up this year's Boxing Day event.

Wednesday, 27th December 2017, 2:30 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:23 am
Fictional characters united for this pram race team

Michael Warren added his thanks ‘to all the volunteers – the marshals and the bucket collectors – and anyone that took part or came out in the cold to watch it’.

The magnificent effort, put in on all fronts, means the organisation is on track to match last year’s £12,000 total which was divided between 25 great local causes.

Applications for the funds are open until Sunday.

Some 150 people made up this year's teams, pictured at the start lineSome 150 people made up this year's teams, pictured at the start line

Andrew Goodwill, who captured some of the action in these photographs, revealed the bucket collections alone saw ‘£2,766.96, two buttons and one washer’ donated.

“We were astonished again by the amount of support,” he said.

“Some of the donations were £20 down to the old half pennies and most people donated their prizes again this year so with all of that and the entry fees we hit around £3.5k.”

Praise was once again given to the fancy dress efforts of the 42 teams, made up of 150 people, that took part in this, the 72nd race.

Derek Bell presents main race winners Calm Down, Calm Down with their cup

“Some people have said why don’t you set a theme but we like the variety, we get such a mixed group,” said Andrew.

Michael added: “We have noticed that the number of teams aren’t necessarily growing but the number of people in them are. A lot of effort was put in.

“We had a great turn out and the weather held off.”

The Results

'The Gashers' dashed to second place in the main race

The main race: First place: Calm Down, Calm Down,

Second: The Gashers

Third: Peaky Blinders

Ladies: First: Festive, Second: Orange is the New Black, Third: Trump Stuff

'Peaky Blinders' finished third in the main race

Pub challenge: The Lion

Novelty: First: Batman’s Birthday, Second: Rose Green Junior School, Oh Flock I’m 50

Fancy dress: First: 48 – Old Biddies, Second: 50 – Harry Potter, Third: 12 – Big Digger, Fourth: 31 – Smarties

Batmans Birthday claimed the top prize in the novelty category
Rose Green Junior School claimed second spot in the novelty category
Oh Flock Im 50 marked a birthday in style
The ladies race was won by Festive
Second in the ladies' race were 'Orange is the New Black'
Trump Stuff, which came third in the ladies race, were one of this years political entries
The pub challenge was won by The Lion team
Winners of the first place fancy dress cup, Old Biddies
'Harry Potter' got the second place prize for fancy dress
Third place for fancy dress was the 'Big Digger' team
The 'Smarties' came fourth for fancy dress
PAGAM's entry
Topical entries this year included 'Southern Fail'