Plan of action will boost life in Selsey

AN ACTION plan to help improve the lives of people in Selsey North is set to be considered by councillors this week.

AN ACTION plan to help improve the lives of people in Selsey North is set to be considered by councillors this week.

The plan, prepared as part of the Targeted Communities scheme, outlines five main areas for action in the Selsey ward.

They are: educational achievement, employment opportunities for the young, transport and access, health provision and youth activities and provision.

The five targets were developed in consultation with residents and local councillors.

Members of Chichester District Council’s cabinet will vote on the plan on Tuesday.

In his report to members, Steve Hansford, assistant director of communities, said: “While the action plan is bespoke to the geography and demography of Selsey and seeks to directly address the concerns expressed by local residents, the issues and their solutions are present in other communities in the district, county and beyond.

“As a result, some actions are linked to wider programmes or initiatives but Selsey’s inclusion here justifies the approach to targeted support.” He added some work had already begun, including a transport and access subgroup, formed by Chichester in Partnership ‘considering the needs of the whole Manhood Peninsula’.

Each of the five main action areas have sub-targets.

Targets in education include increasing the number of children meeting and exceeding the national standards at Key Stage Three and Four and improving preschool children’s readiness for school.

Plans to increase employment for the young include engaging with businesses to increase work placements and apprenticeships available on the Manhood Peninsula.

Officers also want to meet with local employers to find any ‘skill or behavioural mismatches’ which may be stopping school leavers from getting jobs available in the area.

There are two main targets for youth provision.

The first is to provide an ‘age appropriate’ range of activities for young people in Selsey. The second is to ‘co-ordinate’ and ‘promote’ activities between providers to achieve the best coverage and mix’. To do this, officers will map current youth providers and work with Selsey Youth Dream to support expansion of existing activities.

If cabinet approves the plan it will be presented to Chichester in Partnership Core Group for approval on Thursday, February 7.

An update will be presented to cabinet after six month when the next community in need of targeted support will be chosen.