Planning applications 6 Dec 2018: Here’s what is happening across the Chichester, Midhurst and Bognor areas

Here's some of the planning applications in your area
Here's some of the planning applications in your area

Here is a round-up of the current planning applications submitted in your area as provided by Chichester District Council and Arun District Council.


A/143/18/T | Mr Stephen Lorimer, Pound Place, Roundstone Lane, Angmering | Crown reduction to 14No. Leyland Cypress trees.


BE/102/18/PL | Mr Andrew Bidwell, 312 Chichester Road, Bersted | Erection of 1 no. dwelling

Bognor Regis

BR/227/18/PL | Mr T Clay, 1-2 Lyon Street, Bognor Regis | Readvertisement due to amended description. Demolition & erection of storage unit with flat roof

BR/301/18/HH | Mr D Papuca, Sudbury, Westloats Lane, Bersted | Rear single storey extension.


BO/18/03007/DOM | Mr N Francois, 1 Hammer Cottages, Chequer Lane, Bosham | Single storey kitchen extension and new open porch.

BO/18/03048/DOM | Mrs Lindy Riesco, Shore Cottage, Shore Road, Bosham | Replacement windows.

BO/18/03066/TPA | Mrs C Veysey, Oldacre, Smugglers Lane, Bosham | Crown reduce all round by 2m on 1 no. Oak tree (T1) within Group, G1 subject to BO/81/00058/TPO.


SDNP/18/05661/LDE | Martin Durant, Rats Castle, Bury Gate, Bury, Pulborough | Existing lawful development - C3 dwellinghouse ancillary to main dwelling.


CC/18/02520/FUL | Mr Dilshad Ali, 9 - 10 Market Road, Chichester | Change colour of front elevation to red.

CC/18/02956/DOM | Ms Joanna Battershell, 2 Laburnum Grove, Chichester | Change use of loft space to habitable accommodation with alterations to roof and fenestration.

CC/18/02935/TPA | Mr B Harley, 7 Bristol Gardens, Chichester | Reduce overhanging south facing branches by 3m on 2 no. Oak trees within Area, A1 subject to CC/60/00126/TPO.

CC/18/02998/DOM | Mrs C Thomas, 14 Cedar Drive, Chichester | Demolition of garage and conservatory. Proposed rear one story extension and change of use of loftspace to habitable accomodation.

CC/18/03037/DOM | Mr & Mrs Cammack, 3 Canterbury Close, Chichester | Two storey side extension and alterations.

CC/18/03045/TCA | Mr Toby Pointing, Chichester Canal Trust, Canal Wharf, Chichester | Notification of intention to crown reduce by 3m on 2 no. Lime tree (T1 and T2).

CC/18/03047/TPA | Mr Robjohns, 9 King George Gardens, Chichester | Crown reduce by 1.5m (all around) and thin by 10% on 1 no. Horse Cheshnut tree (T11) subject to CC/98/00310/TPO.

CC/18/03058/TCA | Mr Jack Lerwill, Chichester Racquets And Fitness Club, Oaklands Way, Chichester | Notification of intention to crown reduce by 2-3m (overall) but no greater than back to old wound points on 7 no. Holm Oak trees (quoted as T1-T7) and fell 1 no. Sycamore tree (quoted as T8).

CC/18/03093/DOM | Dr J and Mrs C Potts, 17 Turnbull Road, Chichester | Single storey rear extension to replace conservatory

CC/18/03101/FUL | Grit Gym, Plot 4B, Terminus Road, Chichester | Change of use of existing building to gym (D2) (re-submission of 18/01357/FUL).


SDNP/18/05820/HOUS | Mr Wigg, Highbury House, B2146 West Marden Hill To Compton Square, Compton | Single storey rear extension.


D/18/02615/DOM | Mrs L Ekinsmyth, 33 Stockbridge Gardens, Donnington | Single storey side and rear extensions.

D/18/02871/DOM | Mr David Seaman, Cannon Cottage, 5 Upton Road, Donnington | Proposed 2 storey rear extension with 3 no. rooflights.


SDNP/18/05940/LDE | Cowdray Estate, Land North East of The Maintenance Depot , Cowdray Park Golf Club, A272 Easebourne St to Heath End Lane, Easebourne | Existing Lawful Development Certificate for the placement of an outbuilding on golf course, and use of outbuilding as a snack dispensing facility to golf players.

East Dean

SDNP/18/05572/HOUS | Ms Emma Hamilton, The Old Forge , East Dean Lane, East Dean | Replace front garden fence (north) with 1.8m close boarded timber fence, plant Eleagnus Compacta Pleached 1/2 Standard inside eastern boundary.

East Lavington

Mr Nathan Goodyear, The Camping and Caravanning Club Great Bury, Graffham Road, East Lavington | Motorhome service point, resurfacing of existing roads and conversion of 4 no. grass pitches to all weather pitches.

East Preston

EP/167/18/HH | Mr & Mrs Weaver, Forge House, The Street, East Preston | Single storey rear extension and alterations to existing extension. This application affects the setting of a listed building.

EP/168/18/HH | Mr Arthur Baylis, 18 Normandy Drive, East Preston | Single storey rear extension and raising of roof to existing garage including part conversion to kitchen


EG/77/18/HH | Mr L Beaumont, 40 Elm Grove, Barnham | Proposed 2no. front extensions, new roof to include accommodation at first floor level and internal alterations throughout. Revisions to approved planning application EG/63/18/HH to incorporate a decorative brick detail above all ground floor openings.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/18/03069/DOM | Mr And Mrs Irvine-Smith, 9 Tile Barn Lane, Earnley | Two storey addition to front of dwelling.


FP/256/18/T | Mr Mark Warwick, Meadows Keep (Park & Open Space), Rear of 7-11 Normans Drive, Felpham | Crown lift maximum 6m to 1 No. Oak tree and 5 No. Field Maple trees.


SDNP/18/05968/HOUS | Mr & Miss John & Emma Cookson & Bilson, Fernmead, 17 Glebe Road, Fernhurst | Internal alterations, removal of existing chimney, new sunpipes, cladding on dwelling and garage, replacement garage doors, replace all windows, 3 no. new ground floor slot windows to the North East elevation, new glazed door on the South West elevation to proposed terrace area, existing secondary entrance on the North East elevation to be provided with a new covered canopy, replace porch with front extension, relocation of the front door as part of a proposed front porch extension, replacement gutters/ rainwater goods.


FG/172/18/PL | Ms J Andrews, First Floor Flat, 9 Ocean Parade, Ferringham Lane | Change 1 No. window to bi-fold doors

FG/205/18/T | Mr & Mrs Christopher Ball, Wheatley, Greystoke Road, Ferring | Crown reduction to growth points from previous tree surgery to 1 No. Ash tree within the Ferring Conservation area.


FB/18/02987/FUL | Seaward Properties Ltd, 98 Fishbourne Road West, Fishbourne | Proposed car parking layout as an alternative to the parking layout consented under FB/17/03564/FUL.

FB/18/03039/DOM | Neal Smith, Chestnut Court, Flat 3, 38 Salthill Road, Fishbourne | Change use of loft space to create habitable accommodation with additional window and 4 no. roof lights.

FB/18/03127/DOM | Peter Badham, Madron, 59 Salthill Road, Fishbourne | Single storey rear extension and upgrading of existing dwelling.


SDNP/18/05702/FUL | Mr T Bate, Farm Builders West of Putmans, 5 Putmans Lane, West Harting | Improvement and upgrading of existing access and connecting section of farm track.


HN/18/03062/FUL | Ms Fiona Ogg, Hunston Electricity Sub Station, Hunston Road, Hunston | Erection of telecommunications mast and dish on 10 meter high pole.


LM/18/02917/TCA | Mr P Eustile, The Mill, Shottermill Road, Hammer, Haslemere | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Oak tree (T1).

LM/18/03036/DOM | Mr & Mrs Burns, 5 Orchard Close, Camelsdale, Linchmere | First floor extension, addition of bifolds to ground floor, render to exterior and internal alterations.

LM/18/03105/DOM | Elizabeth Humphries, Maytree Cottage, Marley Lane, Camelsdale, Linchmere | Ground and roof dormer extensions & internal alteration works

SDNP/18/05608/HOUS | Mr Nigel Prescot, Danley Farm, Danley Lane, Linchmere | Proposed open air swimming pool.

SDNP/18/05845/HOUS | Bramdean, Woodland Court, Gillhams Lane, Linchmere | Ground floor front extension with glazed roof, various additions and alterations including changes to fenestration. Construction of a triple bay garage, driveway remodel and creation of outdoor courtyard with raised deck.


LU/337/18/T | Mr Robert Senft, 11 Maltravers Drive, Littlehampton | Crown re-shape and crown reduction by 1.2m to 1 No. Holm Oak tree.


SDNP/18/05998/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Mearns, The Old School , School Lane, Lodsworth | Demolish existing conservatory and construct new single storey side/rear extension, replace door with window on west elevation and associated internal alterations.


LX/18/02680/DOM | Mrs Caroline Ingham, Pond Cottage, Drungewick Lane, Loxwood | Retrospective application for the erection of new gates.


SDNP/18/05339/FUL | Mr Martin Cook, Blackdown Ridge, Fernden Lane, Lurgashall | Retrospective application for the operations of tours and wine tasting events.


MI/18/03115/ADJ | Southdowns National Park, Horsham District Council, Riverside Park Houghton Bridge, Amberley, Arundel | Improved access to the existing leisure boat moorings, floating platform over existing eating area and improved ginghy landing platform.

SDNP/18/05140/HOUS | Mrs Debbie Simmons, 5 Chartwell Mews, Carron Lane, Midhurst | Remove existing timber windows and replace with uPVC Timber alternative windows.

SDNP/18/05551/HOUS | Mr David Cackett, Stonewell, Chichester Road, West Lavington | Replace existing lean-to and erect new greenhouse

SDNP/18/05869/HOUS | Mr T Trussler, 21 Sandrock, June Lane, Midhurst | Change of use of loft into habitable accommodation.


SDNP/18/05894/HOUS | Mr S Every, Tuxlythe House, Milland Lane, Milland | Demolition of the existing one and part two-storey side and rear extensions and outbuildings. Erection of replacement two-storey side and rear extensions with associated external alterations. Erection of a detached three bay garage. Proposed gates and landscape alterations.

SDNP/18/05895/LIS | Mr S Every, Tuxlythe House, Milland Lane, Milland | Demolition of the existing one and part two-storey side and rear extensions and outbuildings. Erection of replacement two-storey side and rear extensions with associated external alterations. Erection of a detached three bay garage. Proposed gates and landscape alterations.

North Mundham

NM/18/03081/LBC | Mr & Mrs Brown, Manor Cottage, Saltham Lane, Runcton | Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of replacement resited new conservatory. Removal of chimney flue.


O/18/02909/DOM | Mr & Mrs L Hackman, 102 Highfield Lane, Oving | Demolition of existing conservatory, construction of single storey rear extension.

O/18/02975/TCA | Anna Pope, Grave Yard, Church Lane, Oving | Notification of intention to fell 4 no. Sycamore trees (T1 and x3 no. T2).

O/18/03135/TPA | Anna Pope, Grave Yard, Church Lane, Oving | Fell 1 no. Hawthorn tree (T3) subject to O/87/00758/TPO.


P/112/18/CLE | Mr A Redfearn, 24 Honeysuckle Drive, Pagham | Lawful development certificate for an existing second vehicle hard standing.


SDNP/18/05873/BBPN | Ms Louise Garland, Land Lying to The East Side of Station Road, Petworth | Telephone pole.

SDNP/18/05836/PA3O | Mr Terence Mitman-Kearey, The Studio Annex, The Mews, High Street, Petworth | Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of building from Office Use (Class B1(a)) to a Dwellinghouse (Class C3)

SDNP/18/05907/FUL | Mrs Sarah Porter, Main Hall, 3 Market Square, Petworth | Change of use of the main hall from Class use D1 to D2 leisure.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/18/02952/DOM | Mr & Mrs Cruse, Wildwood, Plaistow Road, Ifold, Loxwood | Room above existing double garage.


SY/18/03032/TCA | Mr Stuart Power, Ivy Lodge, 59 High Street, Selsey | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Sycamore tree (marked on plan as T1).

SY/18/03065/DOM | Ms Kalbreier, Norton House, Rectory Lane, Selsey | Variation of conditions 2 and 4 from permission SY/17/01413/DOM; amended layout and materials.


SI/18/03071/ELD | Mr & Mrs R Winstanley, Oakleigh House, Highleigh Road, Sidlesham | Existing Lawful Development Certificate for non-compliance with Condition 3 (agricultural occupancy) on planning permission SI/7/78 for a period in excess of ten years.


SDNP/18/05857/CND | Mr S Wardell, Weald And Downland Open Air Museum , A286 Town Lane To The Grove, Singleton | Replacement storage and workshop buildings: Variation of Conditions 2 and 6 of planning permission SDNP/18/03801/FUL - amend plan references to correspond with amended plan numbers taking into consideration material changes.


SB/18/02983/DOM | Mr Kelvin Soper, 9 Smallcutts Avenue, Southbourne | Two storey rear extension.

Stedham With Iping

SDNP/18/05893/FUL | Ms Emily Chappell, Land South of Stubbs Farm, Iping Lane, Iping | Proposed outdoor all weather equestrian riding arena.

SDNP/18/05699/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Stevens, Trotton Gate Garage, Trotton Nurseries, Stedham | Erection of stables and tack room in residential garden.


TG/18/03064/TCA | Mr Stuart Power, 6 Nettleton Avenue, Tangmere | Notification of intention to remove 2 no. limbs with diameters of approx. 8cm and 15cm at 6m (above ground level) on southern sector on 1 no. Ash tree (T1) and remove 4 no. limbs with diameters of 10cm or less in diameter on (eastern sector) on 1 no. Ash tree (T2).


SDNP/18/06017/LIS | Mr Maxton, Orchard House, River Lane, River, Tillington | Renovation of existing building with a small single storey extension to form a granny annexe.

SDNP/18/05900/HOUS | Clare Bartlett, Manor Of Dean, Dean Lane, Tillington | Alterations to existing garage.

SDNP/18/05901/LIS | Clare Bartlett, Manor Of Dean, Dean Lane, Tillington | Alterations to existing garage.

Trotton With Chithurst

SDNP/18/05861/HOUS | The Wickwood Trust, Wickwood, Chithurst Lane, Chithurst, Petersfield | Demolition of existing side extenstion and ancillery outbuildings. New side extension with associated works.


WA/101/18/HH | Mr & Mrs J Waights, Holly Tree Cottage, The Street, Walberton | Proposed first floor rear extension and detached single garage.


WE/18/03077/LBC | Strowler, Foxbury House, Foxbury Lane, Westbourne | Installation of through-floor lift.

West Dean

SDNP/18/05971/HOUS | Mr & Mrs A Graham, Hylters Barn, Hylters Lane, Chilgrove, Chichester | Alteration and enlargement of window opening on south elevation.

West Itchenor

WI/18/02589/DOM | Mr & Mrs Spencer, Anchor Cottage, Itchenor Road, West Itchenor | Replacement Windows.

West Lavington

SDNP/18/05174/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Pasfield, Leisure Cottage, Church Road, West Lavington | Ground floor rear flat roof extension, relocate front door and provide new open front porch with pitched roof, infill existing garage opening with new window and convert garage to habitable accommodation and associated alterations.

West Wittering

WW/18/02835/DOM | Dr & Mrs Leigh, 4 Sunningdale Gardens, West Wittering | Conservatory extension to rear east elevation of dwelling.

WW/18/02889/FUL | Mr Eric Kump, Saltmarsh House, Ellanore Lane, West Wittering | Replacement Dwelling.

WW/18/03091/DOM | Mrs Lisa Tudor, Saltings, Roman Landing, West Wittering | Single storey rear extensions, rear/side balcony, associated alterations.

Woolbeding With Redford

SDNP/18/05808/HOUS | Mr & Mrs A Daly, Linch Old Rectory, Linch Road, Redford, Woolbeding | Demolition of garage and erection of detached cartshed.