Plans for Donnington wind turbines would be ‘farm diversification’

PLANS have been submitted for two 50 kilowatt wind turbines at Southend Farm in Selsey Road, Donnington.

The turbines would generate renewable energy to both the farm business and to extra business ventures including a green wedding venue.

Any extra electricity would be sold back to the National Grid.

The turbines would have three blades, with a hub height of 24.6 metres, a rotor diameter of 19.2 metres and overall height to the tip of the blade of 34.2 metres.

In plans prepared by the Laurence Gould Partnership and submitted to Chichester District Council, the farm said the site had a good average wind speed which would generate good yields of renewable energy.

It said the turbines were of a modern, and quiet design and that factors including noise, flicker, ecological impact and landscape impact had been considered when looking at where to site the two turbines.

The plans stress the farm would not be able to take any more turbines, and this would be a ‘farm diversification’ and would not become a wind farm.

Annual carbon savings would be 172,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and the electricity produced by the turbines would be the equivalent of 50 average-sized four-bedroom houses.

It said ecological and environmental issues had been taken very seriously, with opinions on the scheme sought from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Natural England.

A surveyor for the RSPB believed there would be no impact on birds at a site level and an overwinter bird survey showed there was a very low risk of bird strike at the site.

Overall the proposals are not considered to be significantly visually damaging or obtrusive within the landscape or would result in significant damage to the landscape.

For more details the reference number is D/11/02461/FUL.