Plans to build up to 55 homes in Bracklesham stun residents

Land off Beech Avenue, Bracklesham, where up to 55 homes could be built in the future
Land off Beech Avenue, Bracklesham, where up to 55 homes could be built in the future

Residents and councillors have been left stunned after learning of plans to build up to 55 homes in Bracklesham.

A public exhibition detailing the plans for homes at a site off Beech Avenue is to be held by Wates Developments on February 1 – which was news to East Wittering and Bracklesham Parish Council (EWBPC) and Earnley Parish Council, as part of the site is within its boundaries.

EWBPC parish clerk Joyce Griffith said the council will have ‘enormous concerns’.

She said: “We were of the opinion that until the Local Development Framework is sorted out, there wasn’t going to be any more housing down here. We are somewhat surprised because the land is outside the Settlement Policy Area.

“The sewage system wouldn’t be able to cope with any more houses. It’s a serious problem. It’s all very well having these piecemeal developments but they all add up to hundreds of houses.

“How do we expect people to get off the peninsula if they are going to turn us into another Gosport. Is it logical?”

Earnley Parish Council clerk Louise Chater said: “We are concerned that the parish council hadn’t been involved in any discussions before the public exhibition announcement was made.”

Wates Developments is holding the public exhibition at Bracklesham Barn Community Centre off Beech Avenue, between 3pm-7pm to gather community comments on draft proposals for new family homes with associated open space and recreation facilities.

A Wates Developments spokesman said: “Chichester District Council has identified a need for more homes locally in the short term. Wates Developments can help to meet this need by providing new family homes together with enhanced open space and recreation facilities on land at Beech Avenue.

“The exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity for the community to talk to our team.”

George Thomas, who lives next to Beech Avenue, said he would like homes to be built for first-time buyers and added: “If they are going to build homes for local people, then fine. The only thing that concerns me is something must be done about the infrastructure.”