Plea for information after Little Breach cat dies from trauma

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A CHICHESTER woman heartbroken at the death of her cat has issued a substantial reward for information after it was revealed someone may have struck it shortly before it died.

Tabs, who was 15 years old, came back to its Little Breach home with injuries to its stomach. Tabs died four days later after the incident.

Now the owner, who has asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, is desperately searching for information and has offered to give a ‘substantial’ reward to anyone who has information which leads to a successful prosecution.

All information will be treated confidentially.

She said: “I know many will be shocked to hear how a totally friendly loving cat such as Tabs could be treated in this extremely cruel, unnecessary and illegal way. We wish to stop any other cat, dog or other much loved pet being treated this way.”

The owner wants to thank the RSPCA and vet Andrew Vawer of Downlands Veterinary Group for their help.

Mr Vawer said: “We can’t say exactly what it was that caused the injuries but it had severe trauma to the stomach. A blow had been struck to that area. This wasn’t a road accident, that much I can say, something else caused it. A kick is a possibility.”

Mr Vawer also said there were no tooth marks on Tabs. He added: “Tabs was a cat in an otherwise good condition. He had a lot of life ahead of it.”

Tabs was said to be ‘famous’ in the local area for following his owner on dog walks. Posters have been sent out about him around Chichester. The incident was said to have happened on March 27. If anyone has any information about the death of Tabs, please contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.