Pledge to become youngest person to traverse Everest

Rupert Jones-Warner with the Chestnut Tree House banner at the peak of Mont Blanc in September
Rupert Jones-Warner with the Chestnut Tree House banner at the peak of Mont Blanc in September

A 23-year-old has pledged to become the youngest person to traverse Mount Everest to raise £50,000 for a children’s hospice.

Rupert Jones-Warner, who grew up in Chichester, is training to take on a dangerous and complex 45km climb in April which has only been accomplished by 32 people.

He is also aiming to raise £50,000 for Chestnut Tree House through his 57 day expedition.

The three day descent down the mountain’s Tibetan side via the North-East Ridge is the most dangerous aspect of the venture.

“I have always dreamt of achieving something memorable - something that would truly take me out of my comfort zone and test me to the core,” said Rupert.

“Conquering Everest is the ultimate challenge and by aiming to become the youngest person to traverse the mountain I will certainly be fullfilling my dream of achieving something memorable.”

Rupert, who is also a Trooper serving with the Honourable Artillery Company, climbed Ama Dablam and Imje Tse in eastern Nepal and Mont Blanc and various other unnamed peaks in the Alps last year.

He is putting himself through a rigorous training schedule in order to be in peak physical condition in Apil.

“Training is now a daily occurrence, with 6.30am sessions at the gym, including at least an hour of cardiovascular training in a hypoxia chamber, which replicates the effects of being at altitude.

“There’s no let up in the evenings and I will go for an hour’s run most nights. Weekends entail yet more running, this time weighed down by a 20kg backpack, or a 50 mile cycle.”

Rupert, moved to London last year, said he felt his family would have greatly benefited from a service like Chestnut Tree ouse when his brother was receiving treatment for a life-threatening heart defect as a child.

“My own brother Will suffered from a hole in the heart from birth and almost lost his life. He received incredible care but he and my family would have benefitted immensely from the support and care which facilities like Chestnut Tree House are able to provide.”

For further information on Rupert’s challenge or to sponsor the cause visit