Pledge to help Zambian teen girls

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A 23-year-old has vowed to help stop unsafe abortions after spending 12 weeks caring for the community in Zambia.

Rosie Corderoy, from Avenue Approach, Chichester, was shocked when she spoke to Zambian women during an outreach programme and discovered that native women frequently die while performing home abortions after being sexually abused.

The university student said she lived with a family in Zambia for three months last summer and spoke a lot to the teenage daughter.

“She told me a lot of her friends had stabbed themselves in the stomach to abort the baby and a couple of her friends had died.”

Zambian girls can find themselves in this position from the age of 12.

“There were women who were doing the most heinous things to stop these unwanted babies, from using sticks and wire hangers to drinking deadly potions using battery acid. Some even threw themselves down stairs. It really upset me and now I’m calling for action.

“It’s so normal there but she could see from my reaction it wasn’t normal in the UK.”

Rosie will host fund raisers including a 5k run during her Easter holiday in April in aid of Marie Stopes - a charity which helps provide health services around the world.

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