Police call for Chichester cyclists to light up at night

Chichester's neighbourhood policing team
Chichester's neighbourhood policing team

THE HAZARD caused by cyclists in the dark has been lit up by police in Chichester.

Operation Shine will see cyclists fined for failing to light themselves on the roads, unless they can prove they have bought lights within the next week.

Police community support officer Richard Moorey said the operation, which runs from now until the end of January, is designed to protect cyclists and drivers.

“It’s shows we’re not out there to fine people, we’re out there to make them safe,” he said.

He said cyclists without lights were breaking the law and faced a £60 fine if they were not lit up at night.

“It’s something that the public will say ‘what are you doing about it, what can you do about it?’”

He added: “The most important thing is that it’s keeping people safe. It’s for car drivers who do call us and say ‘I’ve not seen cyclists and nearly hit them’.”

PCSO Moorey said the operation emphasised the police were not out to fine anybody, rather it was about keeping people safe.

“It’s far more positive. If someone thinks they’re going to be fined and you’re able to turn that around – it shows the police in a positive light.”

Cyclists caught without lights have seven days to arrive at the police station and show the bike, with the new lights attached.

“What we won’t accept is a set of lights in their hand which they’ve potentially pulled off someone else’s bike,” said PCSO Moorey.

The police do have a small number of lights available. If any children are caught out in the dark without lights then police will visit their parents or guardians with the lights and also give them advice about suitable lighting.