Police detain woman in Chichester under mental health act

Four police cars in North Street 'CONTRIBUTED PICTURE BY MATT DAVIES
Four police cars in North Street 'CONTRIBUTED PICTURE BY MATT DAVIES
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A DISTURBANCE in North Street this afternoon (June 5) saw a woman detained under the mental health act.

Four police cars rushed to centre of Chichester around 12.45pm after a police officer was involved in a struggle with a woman.

Eyewitness Casper Armstrong, who is a supervisor at Holland and Barrett, watched events unfold.

“I saw a lady being stopped by a support officer,” he said.

“They were arguing and she was shouting at him.

“She kept kicking him and scratching him. Then I heard on the radio back-up coming.”

Four police cars and a motorbike all arrived shortly afterwards and the woman was helped into one of the cars.

Mr Armstrong said the incident lasted around 30 minutes.

By 1.30pm the street scene had returned to normal.

Chichester Police said on Facebook after the event the woman had been detained under the mental health act for her own safety after she absconded while being sectioned.

The officer involved received minor injuries.

The police wrote she was now in a ‘place of safety’.

Eyewitnesses also reported a bin was briefly set on fire during the incident, however police confirmed it was in fact an unrelated incident and it was swiftly extinguished.