Approved demolition of beloved Selsey home an 'absolute travesty'

Stone House, 82 West Street, Selsey. Google Street View
Stone House, 82 West Street, Selsey. Google Street View

The decision to approve the demolition of an historic house in Selsey has been met with strong criticism from neighbours and Observer readers.

The application (18/01966/OUT) was for Stone House, at 82 West Street, to be demolished and replaced with new houses to ‘make a positive contribution to the village scape’.

The application was passed on March 29 by Chichester District Council after support from Selsey Town Council due to there being ‘no planning grounds for objection’. Read more here.

A number of neighbouring residents spoke to the Observer after the application was approved.

Nancy Stroud said: “It is quite shocking. It is unspeakable really. It is a beautiful house in perfect order. I've lived her since 1962 and I’m 91 so I cannot fight it. It has caused me a lot of heartache and worry.”

Philip Adams said the decision was ‘disgraceful’. He added: “It’s a beautiful, old building. It would be criminal to demolish it. I don't know why it's not a listed building."

Glenda Baum said: “I always welcome new houses but it is a shame that such a lovely, historic house is due to be demolished.”

Another West Street resident, who asked not to be named, said a better idea would have been to convert Stone House and 'keep the same structure'.

She added: "I am very disappointed that the planners have allowed it through. They are supposed to protect properties like this. Stone House is a landmark.

"The floodgates could open and the whole character of West Street could change. People are absolutely devastated by it.”

Readers react

The approval of the demolition application didn't go down well with Observer readers either.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Lorraine Westwood wrote: "We really don't need any more developments. Leave these beautiful buildings alone."

Eunice Curtis said the district council 'should be ashamed', asking 'have they no pride in the town?'

Fay Pitham said it would be an 'absolute disgrace' to demolish 'such a beautiful building'.

Beth Shumway agreed that it would be 'such a shame', whilst Shirley Duke said it would be an 'absolute travesty'.

Jacqui Morley wrote: "Disgraceful, taking more heritage away from our lovely Selsey."

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