Call for Chichester’s Summersdale to be made a conservation area

Summersdale Road, Chichester (photo from Google Maps Street View).
Summersdale Road, Chichester (photo from Google Maps Street View).

Concerns about the demolition of ‘buildings of character’ have prompted calls for a conservation area in the Summersdale area of Chichester.

At a meeting of the district council last Tuesday (May 21), members were asked to adopt ‘as a matter of urgency’ the residents’ association’s neighbourhood character appraisal, which highlights the need to protect the feel and heritage of the area.

Summersdale has suffered in recent years with grand old buildings being demolished to make way for new developments.

During public question time, resident Mr Porter said: “Summersdale’s environment, both built and natural, continues to suffer as none of its properties are listed buildings and many of its trees have little protection.”

The character appraisal was adopted by the city council in 2008 and the district was called on to do the same ‘before any more buildings of character are lost and the local environment is spoilt.”

Deputy leader Susan Taylor told Mr Porter that the idea had been suggested in 2016 when a review of the character appraisal for the Chichester conservation area was held.

A programme for future conservation area appraisals was set out in 2017, but staff shortages meant the work was delayed.

Mrs Taylor called on the Summersdale Residents’ Association to submit its character appraisal to the council so that it could be formally considered.