Changes to scheme for 160 homes at Graylingwell

Plans for 160 homes at Graylingwell
Plans for 160 homes at Graylingwell

Changes to a scheme for 160 homes at the Lower Graylingwell site in Chichester have been submitted by developers.

Outline planning consent for the units on land south of Graylingwell Drive, was granted by Chichester District Council in January 2016.

A reversed matters application for the layout and design of the site was then approved in January 2018.

However now further plans have been submitted to amend several properties in the Martin’s Farmhouse area of the site.

The two nearest homes to the farmhouse have been moved and their design altered.

The farmhouse would have its own dedicated driveway and parking area, with clear space between the building and its nearest neighbour.

The application argued this ‘allows it to breathe and acknowledges it as a focal building within a traditional farmstead’.

It added: “Locating the new house types to the south echoes the historic siting of the original farm buildings.”

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