Charging for toilets in Chichester district to be investigated

Large-scale closures of public toilets across the Chichester district have been ruled out at this stage - but options including a possible 20p charge for spending a penny in some of them are to be investigated.

There were strong warnings at a meeting of the district cabinet that savings must be made, or found from other services.

Councillors were told some toilets were particularly expensive to run.

At one facility, in Cathedral Way, Chichester, costs worked out at 50p per visitor - 50p a pee.

The cabinet asked officers to investigate options including:

*A 20p charge per visit at some toilets.

*A partnership scheme involving local parish councils and businesses to augment existing facilities.

*Limited closures.

An option which could have seen more than half the toilets closed was set aside for the time being.

Cllr John Connor, cabinet member for the environment, said there were opportunities for further engagement with colleagues on town and parish councils to discuss possible partnership arrangements. There could also be further dialogue with appropriate commercial enterprises about greater savings.