Chichester District Council election results: live updates

Chichester District Council election results are due to be announced today (May 3).

All 36 seats are up for election, down from the current 48 number of councillors after a boundary review.


The Tories have lost overall control.

Conservatives 18

Lib Dems 11

Chichester District Council election count at Westgate Leisure Centre

Chichester District Council election count at Westgate Leisure Centre

Labour 2

Greens 2

Local Alliance 2

Independent 1.

RESULTS (Bold means elected):

HARBOURE VILLAGES LIB DEM/TORY WIN: Lib Dem Adrian Moss 1,739, Lib Dem David Rodgers 1,247, Conservative Penny Plant 1,178, Lib Dem David Mackintosh 1,138, Conservative Andrew Collins 1,107, Conservative Mike Dicker 996, Green Michael Neville 961, Labour Jane Towers 329, Labour Steve Gough 256, Labour Jane Turton 235.

SOUTHBOURNE LIB DEM WIN: Lib Dem Jonathan Brown 1018, Lib Dem Tracie Bangert 884, Conservative Bob Hayes 674, Conservative Nigel Hogben 492

SELSEY SOUTH TORY/LOCAL ALLIANCE WIN: Local Alliance Tim Johnson 811, Conservative John Elliott 735, Conservative Roger Barrow 513, Lib Dem Simon Scotland 265, Labour Ash Bridget 147, Labour Mark Farwell 127.

SIDLESHAM AND SELSEY NORTH TORY/LOCAL ALLIANCE WIN: Local Alliance Donna Johnson 717, Conservative Carol Purnell 648, Conservative 483 Tricia Tull, Green Lucy House 436, Lib Dem Jane Scotland 280.

MIDHURST IND/LIB DEM WIN: Independent Gordon McAra 1,020, Lib Dem Judy Fowler 666, Conservative Sally Watts 637, Conservative Nicholas Thomas 553, Lib Dem Caroline Neville 335, Labour Margaret Guest 227.

CHICHESTER WEST LIB DEM WIN: Lib Dem Claire Apel 1,139, Lib Dem John-Henry Bowden 890, Conservative Simon Lloyd-Williams 538, Conservative Stephen Hill 498, Labour James Hobson 228, Aimie Merrett 216, independent Mick Thorn 181, UKIP Michael Mason 177, Patria Andrew Emerson 84.

THE WITTERINGS TORY WIN: Conservative Elizabeth Hamilton 1,191, Conservative Graeme Barrett 1,039, Conservative Susan Taylor 1,003, Lib Dem Maggie Gormley 744, Lib Dem Sue Milnes 703, Green Stephanie Carn 592, Laurie Pocock independent 577, UKIP Toby Bowman 396, UKIP Pat Hunt 347, Martin Silcocks independent 336, Labour Joe O’Sullivan 314,

LOXWOOD LIB DEM WIN: Lib Dem Natalie Hume 1.088, Lib Dem Gareth Evans 938, Conservative Christian Mahne 868, Conservative Christine Pierce 781.

CHICHESTER NORTH TORY/LIB DEM WIN: Lib Dem Richard Plowman 625, Conservative Tony Dignum 623, Conservative Peter Budge 586, Lib Dem Julian Joy 560, Green Lucy Noble 490, Labour Theo Kent 219.

CHICHESTER SOUTH GREEN WIN: Green Sarah Sharp 987, Green Heather Barrie 692, Conservative Jamie Fitzjohn 324, Conservative Nigel Galloway 321, Lib Dem Angus Bond 196, Labour Mandy Atkinson 187, Labour Philip Wilson 167, Lib Dem John Turbefield 160,

FERNHURST TORY WIN: Conservative Norma Graves 969, Conservative Peter Wilding 922, Lib Dem John Morton 690, UKIP Hugh Pearce 227.

CHICHESTER EAST LABOUR WIN: Labour Kevin Hughes 462, Labour Sarah Lishman 441, Conservative Christopher Spink 380, Conservative Jane Kilby 355, Lib Dem John Hughes 283, Green Polly Gaskin 279, Lib Dem Michael Woolley 246, UKIP Terry Walters 146.

NORTH MUNDHAM AND TANGMERE TORY WIN: Conservative Simon Oakley 798, Conservative Christopher Page 691, Liberal Democrats David Betts 666, UKIP Andrew Sheppard 289.

FITTLEWORTH TORY WIN: Conservative Alan Sutton 661, Lib Dem Sean Cemm 302.

GOODWOOD TORY WIN: Conservative Henry Potter 448 votes, Phillip Maber Green Party 212 votes, Jack Lovejoy 186 Lib Dems.

PETWORTH TORY WIN: Conservative Eileen Lintill 650, David Hares Lib Dem 172, Labour’s Jonathan Rowell 107

HARTING LIB DEM WIN: Lib Dem Kate O’Kelly 968 votes, Tristram Abel 313.

EASEBORNE TORY WIN: Conservative Francis Hobbs 536 votes, Alexander Motley Lib Dems 287.

WESTBOURNE TORY WIN: Conservative Roy Allen Briscoe elected.

CHICHESTER CENTRAL TORY WIN: Conservative Martyn Bell 381 votes, Lib Dem Anne Scicluna 353, Malcolm Shepherd Labour 108.

LAVANT TORY WIN: Conservative David Palmer 531, Lib Dem John Leeming 266 and Labour’s Gwen Miles 94.

The authority is currently controlled by the Conservatives, who hold 37 seats, with five Liberal Democrats, five independents, and one vacancy.

The count is being held at the Westgate Leisure Centre, with results due this afternoon.

Here are the candidates standing for election.

And here is a summary of councillors who have not stood for re-election.

Nationally the Tories have lost hundreds of seats across England, with the Lib Dems and Greens the main beneficiaries.

In Chichester the Lib Dems will be hoping to increase their share of the votes, with Labour and the Green parties hoping to breakthrough and have councillors elected on to the council.