Chichester District Council raises no objections to plans to build 210 homes in Emsworth

Chichester District Council has raised no objection to plans for 210 new homes in Emsworth

Monday, 8th November 2021, 12:50 pm
Chichester District Council has raised no objection to plans for 210 new homes in Emsworth. SUS-210811-122644001

Pegasus Group’s planning permission would see a new residiential scheme built which will include 210 dwellings in the land north of Long Copse Lane, Emsworth.

The application will see the demolition of the existing buildings on the site and the building of a newresidential scheme.

Plans also include landscaping, and access and supporting infrastructure.

Chichester District Council wrote in a consulation document: “The current development plan for the site consists of the Havant Borough Core Strategy (March 2011) and the Havant Borough Local Plan (Allocations) (July 2014).

“The application is in advance of the outcome of the examination of the Havant Borough Local Plan submitted in February 2021.

“Consequently the application site lies outside the settlement boundaries identified in the adopted local plan where policies seek to restrict development except under certain circumstances.

“Although allocated in the emerging Local “Plan through Policy 8 for 260 units, the result of the examination is still awaited and therefore only some weight can be given to this consideration.

“The Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan was made in September 2021 and also now forms part “of the development plan for that area.

Within the Chichester plan area, the development plan for the adjacent area to the county “boundary is the adopted Chichester Local Plan.

West Sussex County Council also raised no objections to the developments,Have you read?: Chichester District Council rejects plans for new dwellings in Southbourne