Chichester: Meet the candidates standing to be your MP

These are the candidates hoping to be elected the MP for Chichester at the General Election on December 12. We asked each one of them why they should get your vote:

Thursday, 28th November 2019, 3:02 pm
Top, from left, Adam Brown, Andrew Emerson, Heather Barrie, Kate O’Kelly, Gillian Keegan and Jay Morton

Heather Barrie (Green):

“I have lived in Chichester South for 14 years and I am standing for the Green Party as they are the only party who are consistent in their message and are founded on a basis of respect and fairness for people and plant.

“This election must be about the environment and creating a sustainable future for us all and we are actively addressing the reality of the climate change emergency as the government’s target of carbon neutrality by 2050 is not a response to an emergency!

“The Green Party of England and Wales’s manifesto sets out ten radical proposals that put tackling the climate crisis and creating a fairer society at its heart.

“These ambitious environmental policies based on The Green New Deal sit alongside plans for the much needed proper funding of public services (particularly NHS, education, housing and public transport) and electoral reform, together with delivering a people’s vote on our relationship with the EU.

“I am a business owner, a coffee lover and keen cyclist and walker and am passionate about the world in which we live.

“The Green Party is the only party that is committed to Net Zero Carbon by 2030 – we only have ten years and can’t afford to wait any longer!

“This election is about our futures!”

Adam Brown (Libertarian):

“The Libertarian Party’s manifesto is built around the guiding principles of devolution of power from central government, protecting the rights of the individual and reducing the burden of taxation.

“I will be campaigning in this general election on the following key policy areas:

“A written constitution: If Brexit has shown us anything it has shown that a written constitution for the UK is well overdue and needs to have at its heart that it is the people that are sovereign.

“This constitution will bring power closer to the people and hold public servants accountable for their actions.

“Removing Politics from Healthcare: Healthcare in the UK has for a long time been a favourite political football, with funding promises andfailures used to score political points.

“Our goal is to create a system free from political control with clear transparent funding where patients are put above point scoring.

“Devolution to local levels: Local people understand the challenges and opportunities that we are facing therefore decisions should always be devolved to as local a decision maker as possible.

“This is especially important in an area like Chichester which is delicately positioned environmentally, local people who understand this balance need to lead decisions, not get ignored by those making them.

“I’ve been the Leader of the Libertarian Party since 2015 having previously been a councillor in Crawley where I was the Chair of the Value for Money panel and licensing committee before moving to Hunston, where I now live with my family.” 

Dr Andrew Emerson (Patria):

“The written in Berlin May-Johnson political declaration and remain agreement contains scores of clauses which disadvantage the UK, forestalling our freedom of action and purporting to make us subservient to the EU in perpetuity.

“During the so-called transition period we would be subject to the direct effect and supremacy of EU law but without a vote or veto.

“This would apply not only to existing EU law but also to any new laws the EU passed during the transition period.

“We would be subject also to unpredictable reinterpretations of that law by a foreign court, the infamous ECJ. Taxation without representation, a state of affairs to which historically even colonies have objected strongly.

“And the UK is no one’s colony.

“Once ratified the surrender treaty would be binding in international law and continue to bite for generations.

“We must leave the EU, but we must not deprive ourselves of the fruits of leaving by signing away our freedom and becoming a rule taking vassal state.

“Leaving with no Article fifty ‘deal’ is the only way of really leaving.

“If parliament had properly scrutinised Johnson’s misnamed withdrawal agreement it would have been exposed for the atrocious surrender treaty it is.

“Brexit will happen but it cannot happen by continuing to play in the EU casino where the house always wins because the game is rigged.

“We need to leave with a clean break, ie, no overarching ‘deal’, before discussing trade relations from a position of strength.”

Gillian Keegan (Conservative Party):

“This election is about delivering Brexit and honouring our commitment to leave the EU.

“I didn’t vote for Brexit back in 2016 but I do think it is fundamental that we respect the result of the Referendum and restore faith in our democratic institutions.

“We have negotiated a sensible deal to leave and if elected again as your MP I will support a Conservative Government seeking to honour this mandate.

“It is crucial that we preserve Britain’s successful economy in order to fund our great public services such as the NHS.

“I strongly support the Conservative commitment to fund our NHS with an additional £33.9bn each year and locally, I will continue my campaign to bring radiotherapy cancer services to St Richard’s in Chichester.

“Looking to the future we must tackle the issue of climate change which threatens our planet and I will actively support our world-leading commitment to be a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 or sooner.

“Over the past two and a half years as your MP I have visited a great many local schools and successfully secured increased funding for all our schools.

“Small rural primary schools are the beating heart of our village communities and it is vital that we continue to support these schools so they can thrive.

“I have spent a lot of time in meetings about the A27, which we all know needs improving.

“I am currently fighting to get funding for an ‘all options consultation’ to include both northern and southern routes to re-engage people in a transparent and open process to finally deliver a solution for the heavily congested A27.

“This is critical as we build more houses to meet the needs of the next generation.

“All of this investment is only possible thanks to a strong economy in which our businesses can thrive, pay tax and provide good, local employment prospects.

“Only the Conservatives have a plan and a proven track record of delivering a strong economy and a record number of jobs.

“Lastly, I pledge to continue to be an active local MP, accessible to all and working to bring our community and country together as we leave the EU.”

Jay Morton (Labour party):

Jay Morton was born and raised locally and attended Felpham Community College.

She now has a successful career as an architect working mainly on social and affordable housing projects.

The daughter of a local plumber and cook, she was the first in her family to go to university and has recently run a series of talks at the House of Commons titled Glass Ceiling Not Glass Slipper to establish what holds women back in the twenty-first century.

Jay said: “I want to help build a better future for Chichester.

“Only Labour can deliver this by rebuilding our public services, giving our NHS, schools and police the money they need, tackling the climate emergency and giving people the final say on Brexit.

“Labour is determined to bring a divided country back together, while the Tories and the Lib Dems only seek to divide us further. Only Labour will give people the final say on Brexit, so if you want to leave the EU with a workable deal that doesn’t trash our economy, selling out our NHS, you’ll be able to vote for it.

“If you want to remain, you’ll be able to vote for that.

“But Brexit is not the only choice at this election.

“We have a clear choice about our future on Thursday, December 12.

“More Conservative cuts or a Labour Government that will bring real change for the many, not the privileged few.

“A vote for anyone other than Labour in Chichester this time round will only help the Tories.

“Labour came second in Chichester at the last General Election with double the support of the Liberal Democrats.

“So if you want to send the strongest possible message to the Tories, have a clear and democratic process to resolve the Brexit impasse and rebuild Britain, vote Labour.”

Dr Kate O’Kelly (Lib Dems):

A statement said: “Dr Kate O’Kelly spent nearly 30 years working as a GP in the NHS before she moved into old age psychiatry specialising in dementia. 

“She was elected to West Sussex County Council in 2017 and Chichester District Council in 2018. She is a governor of two schools.

“Dr Kate is an active, energetic campaigner who has proven that she can get results.

“Dr Kate has campaigned successfully to save bus services vital to rural communities.

“The crisis in social care has been intensified by the slashing of funding to local government.

“Kate’s expertise will be devoted to resolving this issue and fighting for sustainable long-term funding for the NHS, a core Liberal Democrat policy.

“Dr Kate is looking forward to helping the Liberal Democrats to lead the way on fighting climate change – the most critical issue facing us all.  

“The congestion and pollution caused by the A27 is a desperate issue facing Chichester. 

“It needs a solution that will bring the community together.

“Any plan must provide a properly integrated transport system. Better public transport and the needs of pedestrians and cyclists must be considered, not just cars.

“Dr Kate is at present campaigning to keep small rural schools open. Education funding in West Sussex is historically low.

“Dr Kate is striving to increase funding per pupil so that all our children are offered an excellent education.

“Dr Kate is a cycling enthusiast and rides all over the constituency.

“She’s also a cold-water swimmer and walker. Dr Kate has the energy that Chichester needs.”