Chichester planning applications submitted to the district council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between October 7 and 16.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 8:43 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 9:43 am

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


BI/19/02512/LBC: Fir Trees, Shipton Green Lane, West Itchenor. Restoration of balusters to staircase.



SDNP/19/04839/FUL: Land East Of Flint Acre Farm, Bignor Park Road, Bignor. New access to the highway and 5 bar field gate including culvert to ditch.


CC/19/02393/ADV: Irwin Mitchell LLP, Thomas Eggar House, Friary Lane. 1 no. hanging sign and 1 no. manifestation above front door sign.

CC/19/02411/FUL: Dominican House, St Johns Street. Proposed single external air conditioning unit sited on the flat roof to the eastern section of the building.

CC/19/02439/TCA: Land South Of Forbes Place, King George Gardens. Notification of intention to reduce height by 0.5m and reduce north and south sectors by 1m on 1 no. Quince tree (marked on plan as A) and fell 1 no. Cherry tree (marked on plan as B).

CC/19/02446/ADV: 65 East Street. 1 no. Fascia sign and 1 no. non illimunated perspex pod.

CC/19/02447/LBC: 65 East Street. Installation of new signage.

CC/19/02487/DOM: 12 Badger Walk. Installation of 2 no. dormers to the front and rear elevation of property.

CC/19/02540/FUL: 5 - 6 South Street. Change of use of first floor restaurant to 2 no. apartments and convert second and third floor to 1 no. 1 bedroom apartment. Associated alterations and additions.

CC/19/02555/TCA: University Of Chichester, Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane. Notification of intention to fell 2 no. Wild Cherry trees (T1926 and T1942), 1 no. Tulip tree (T1939), 1 no. Sycamore tree (T1946), 3 no. Norway Maple trees (T1948, T1970 and T1980), and 2 no. Common Ash trees (T1950 and T1972).

CC/19/02565/FUL: Land East Of CLay Lane And West Of Bishop Luffa School, Bishop Luffa Close. 1 no. surface water pipe and associated headwall to discharge surface water from the sports facility.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/19/02580/FUL: Pond Farm, Newells Lane, West Ashling. Change of use of land to a single permanent Gypsy and Traveller site for the stationing of a single static mobile home; single shed; dog kennels and stable building - Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 12/01036/FUL (APP/L3815/A/12/2179869) Change of use of land to a single permanent Gypsy and Traveller site for the stationing of a single static mobile home; single shed; dog kennels and stable building.

CH/19/02585/DOM: Cut Mill House, Cut Mill, Chidham. To construct a 1st floor bedroom extension. Variation of condition 2 to planning permission CH/19/01661/DOM - alterations to roof.


SDNP/19/04795/TPO: Land North of Apiary Cottage, B2146 West Marden Hill to Compton Square. Fell 1 no. Walnut tree (T2). Remove 1 no. central stem and crown thin width on north-west sector overhanging road by 15% on 1 no. Norway Maple tree (T3). Both trees subject to CP/84/00375/TPO.


SDNP/19/02643/LIS: 22 Budgenor Lodge, Dodsley Lane. Replacement of 3 no. existing dome rooflights with 3 no. hinged dome rooflights.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/19/02525/DOM: Greenwaves, East Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. Replacement detached garage.

EWB/19/02542/FUL: Lorien, West Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. Erection of 1 no. bungalow to rear.

EWB/19/02546/DOM: 5 Charlmead, East Wittering. Creation of habitable space at first floor level.


SDNP/19/04642/FUL: Pheasant Copse, Square Drive, Kingsley Green. Replacement dwelling and detached garage.

SDNP/19/04927/HOUS: Quendon, 3 Chesholt Close. Double storey extension and part garage conversion.


FB/19/02482/PLD: 18 Knott Gardens. Single storey rear extension and the addition of a ground floor kitchen window (North Elevation).


FU/19/02299/FUL: Land To West Of Newells Lane, Newells Lane, West Ashling. Changes to hardstanding from that approved under application FU/14/03994/FUL to include the addition of post and rail fencing along the southern boundary.

SDNP/19/04755/LIS: Horse And Groom, B2178 Southbrook Road To Moutheys Lane, East Ashling. Porch extensions to exist north east entrance and to open oak porch at west entrance. Various internal alterations. New access ramp to accessible bedroom and new pathway to entrance of sleeping accommodation to the west.

SDNP/19/04828/TCA: Winterbourne, Watery Lane. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m (back to previous pruning points) and reduce width by 0.5m (north sector only) on 1 no. Gleditsia Triacanthos tree (marked on plan as T1).


SDNP/19/04843/CND: The Woodman, Graffham Street. Re-apply for expired planning permissions, rebuilding of rear wing with new room, alterations to existing garage and storage barn (11/02289/DOMNP), extension to the implementation period of existing planning permission 07/04323/DOM, removal of existing porch and blocking of door. Construction of new storm porch and opening of doorway (10/02336/EXT) Variation of condition 1 of planning permission SDNP/15/05265/HOUS - Substitute approved elevations plan (drawing number 004 version B) with a new elevations plan (drawing number 008 version C).

SDNP/19/04845/CND: The Woodman, Graffham Street. To re-apply under one application for expired listed building permissions, rebuilding of rear wing, internal alterations to re-use first floor layout with new staircase and bathrooms, reinstatement of former chimney, alterations to existing garage storage barn, revised front entrance path with new garden wall and gate (11/02290/LBCNP). Extention of the implementation period of 07/04322/LBC(10/02407/EXT) removal of existing porch and blocking of door, construction of new storm porch and opening of doorway and 12/00858/LBCNP opening to link first floor to new stair per approval 11/02290/LBCNP -Variation of condition 1 of planning permission SDNP/15/05266/LIS - Substitute approved elevations plan (drawing number 004 version B) with a new elevations plan (drawing number 008 version C).


SDNP/19/03060/HOUS: 3 The Old School House, The Street, South Harting. Replacement shed.

SDNP/19/03061/LIS: 3 The Old School House, The Street, South Harting. Replacement shed.


KD/19/02544/DOM: 2 Townfield. Erect a Wooden 2 bedroom Annexe in the bottom of the garden at the rear of the property.


LV/19/02538/FUL: St Wilfrids Hospice Outlet Store, Lavant Road. Change of Use from Class A5 to Class A1 and A5, the retention of alterations to the south and east elevations, and the shared use of 8no. parking spaces (part retrospective).


SDNP/19/02792/FUL: Blackdown Park, Fernden Lane. New access track from Fernden Lane for commercial vehicle use.


SDNP/19/04314/HOUS: 25 Chestnut Close. Wooden constructed conservatory with attached shed to the south of property.

SDNP/19/04702/TPO: Garden House, 49 Guillards Oak. Reduce back overhanging branches by 2-3m (up to a height of approx 9m) on north boundary sector on 1 no. Swamp Cypress tree (marked on plan as T1) within Area, A2 subject to MI/64/00669/TPO.

SDNP/19/04726/FUL: Midhurst Sports House, West Street. Change of use of shop unit from A1 to A2.

SDNP/19/04727/LIS: Midhurst Sports House, West Street. Change of use of shop unit from A1 to A2.

North Mundham

NM/19/02483/FUL: Pete’s Farm, Honer Lane, South Mundham. Demolition of existing 2 no. outbuildings and erection of new joinery workshop associated with the domestic use of Pete’s Farm.


SDNP/19/04906/TCA: Kitchen Court, High Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Elm tree (quoted as T1). Reduce crown by up to 1m (all round) on 1 no. Crab apple tree (quoted as T2).

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/19/02158/DOM: West View, Chalk Road, Ifold. Two storey front extension, alterations and triple garage with ancillary accommodation.


SY/19/02231/DOM: Lydiate Cottage, Rectory Lane. Conversion and upgrade of material to single storey oak framed garage, and erection of link between existing house and garage.

SY/19/02459/DOM: 8 Green Lane. Construction of garden wall to front and side elevation of property.

SY/19/02535/DOM: 12 Wheatfield Road. Erection of single storey rear extension with lantern roof window

SY/19/02577/PLD: 91 East Street. Single storey side extension, canopy over front door, hip to gable roof extension and rear dormer.


SDNP/19/04750/HOUS: The Old Granary, East Dean Lane, Charlton. Replacement of existing conservatory with two storey rear extension. Alterations and refurbishment of existing dwelling including the addition of Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

Stedham With Iping

SDNP/19/04864/HOUS: 11 The Street, Stedham. Two storey side extension.


TG/19/02578/TPA: 2 Meadowside Walk. Crown reduce by 2m (all round) on 3 no. Oak trees (quoted as T1 and T2) within Group, G1 and (T4 quoted as T3) all subject to TG/95/01027/TPO.


SDNP/19/02496/HOUS: Upperton House, Upperton Road, Upperton. Construction of recreational treehouse.


SDNP/19/03089/FUL: East & West Droke Cottages, 555A & 555B Droke Lane. Convert 2 no. dwellings to 1 no. dwelling incorporating two storey rear extension and associated alterations.

West Itchenor

WI/19/02558/TCA: Meadow Cross, The Street, Itchenor. Notification of intention to remove 1 no. stem (eastern sector), reduce height of 2 no. stems by 4m on 1 no. Bay tree (T1).

Wisborough Green

WR/19/02298/FUL: Dunhurst Barn, Skiff Lane. Construction of 1 no. dwelling and change of use of existing barn to stable use, as an alternative to Class Q Prior Approval (LX/18/03014/PA3Q).

West Wittering

WW/19/00519/DOM: Woodpeckers, Wellsfield. Extensions to South and North Elevations including associated roof works, internal and external alterations. Replacement windows and doors on ground floor and erection of loggia.

WW/19/02570/TPA: Oakley, Elms Lane. Crown reduce by 40-50% (back to old wound points) on 2 no. Silver Birch trees (TA and TB) within Area, A5 subject to WW/70/01128/TPO. Crown reduce by 33% (all round) on 1 no. Ginkgo Biloba tree (TC) and crown reduce by 40% (all round back to old pruning point) on 2 on. Oak trees (T1 and T3), 1 no. Holly tree (TE) and 1 no. Silver Birch tree (TD). All trees within Area, A6 subject to WW/70/01128/TPO.

Woolbeding With Redford

SDNP/19/04918/HOUS: 59 Swallows Bottom, Linch Road, Redford. Erection of extension and alterations.