Consultation on housing will be improved, Chichester council says

Aerial view of Chichester
Aerial view of Chichester

Chichester District Council has given assurances that it will take on board comments about difficulties commenting on the Local Plan Review.

It comes after residents expressed frustration at a ‘non-inclusive’ online response system that was ‘difficult to navigate’.

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A spokesperson said that efforts had been made to make the online consultation system ‘as simple to use as possible’ following complaints about a previous system.

Issuing paper copies would be ‘extremely costly’ and would have resulted in many copies not being used but help was available for anyone visiting or calling the district council offices, she added.

She said: “Many people have used the system unaided and this is reflected in the high number of responses we have received.

“The nature of the issues around the Local Plan Review mean that the supporting documents and evidence are detailed and long.

“We take on board the comments regarding the difficulty in cross referencing and navigating the documents, and will have a look to see how we can improve this in future consultations.”

She said all comments submitted, whether online, by email or hard copy would be ‘treated equally’ by the council in considering revisions.