Earnley Concourse: 32 homes and demolition planned

A planning application has been submitted for the demolition of Earnley Concourse to build 32 new homes.

Thursday, 21st November 2019, 1:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st November 2019, 1:05 pm
A site plan taken from the application
A site plan taken from the application

Properties will range between three-bed properties, larger three-bed properties and five-bed properties. The proposed development would also include the reinstatement of the original access drive to Earnley place, landscaping and drainage and other infrastructure works.

Earnley Concourse fire: Shocking pictures show scale of destructionMr Francis Savage, who lives in the area, said: Agreement to this application would result in doubling the size of the hamlet with the 32 new dwellings much closer together than the existing houses.

200 asylum seekers coming to Earnley?"Whilst the existing dwellings are of no particular architectural merit, the diversity of style does not complement the ancient church. 32 houses of identical style would, however, alter the nature of the hamlet permanently."

House type G taken from the application (three bed)

Earnley Concourse fire ‘under control’Mr Savage then called the proposed demolition of Gate Cottage 'regrettable' and said the building would lend itself to community use."

The plans come just weeks after a large fire tore through the derelict conference centre. The fire was being treated as arson by police and followed a previous incident in 2018.

‘I worked on a Greek island bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis’Part of the planning statement reads: "Earnley Concourse has not been used for community use during the applicant's ownership, and for some time beforehand.

"In addition, Earnley Concourse was extensively damaged due to a fire in June 2018 and is no longer capable of being used for a community use. Therefore, the property no longer fits the criteria for an ACV listing, in that it has not recently furthered the community’s social well-being or social interests and it will not do so in future."

House type H taken from the application (three bed)
House type L from the application (five bed)