ELECTION 2015: Chichester - Andrew Moncrieff (UKIP)

Jenny and I have lived in the constituency for 30 years and our children grew up here.

I have had several ‘real’ jobs in ‘The City’, engineering and forestry and lectured at MBA level in strategy and finance.

I have been involved in politics since the 1980s and now work in the UKIP Policy Unit.

I have been a Chichester district councillor and am chairman of our parish council and a hospital governor.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with and for the people of Chichester and help protect this beautiful area and its cathedral city.

People are disillusioned with politics and fed up with the way politicians behave, politicians who seem to live in their own little

world – it has even acquired its own name – ‘The Westminster bubble’.

There is now an opportunity for a fresh start, which I am proud to champion, because UKIP is a party of people who live in the real world, have done real jobs, and can address problems in a practical way.

While the other parties refuse to say how they will make £30bn of cuts, we can save more than that without touching front-line services: £10bn from foreign aid while still spending £4bn a year; £10bn from leaving the EU; £5bn from revising the Barnett formula; up to £4bn from scrapping HS2; £1Bn from NHS services used by foreigners; at least £4bn by scrapping ministries and departments and amalgamating others.

The first duty of any government is to protect the country and its citizens so we will rebuild our defence forces; we will control immigration to a rate at which we can assimilate incomers and provide the necessary schools, houses and infrastructure; we will take workers on the minimum wage out of income tax by raising the personal allowance to £13,000; we will amalgamate the NHS and Social Services and increase spending on them by £4.2bnn a year; and we will reclaim our territorial waters so that we can rebuild our fishing industry and our fish stocks.

These policies, and others which you can find in our manifesto and on our website, make obvious sense, but many of them are unthinkable to those within the ‘Westminster Bubble.

We, and you, have an opportunity to make a fresh start and a real change – all you have to do is vote for it.