European Elections 2014

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VOTERS across the Observer area were set to head to the polls today (Thursday, May 22).

European elections are taking place across the country and the South East is set to elect ten MEPs to represent the region.

There are 15 groups standing for election with a total of 33 candidates.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and UKIP are all fielding five candidates each.

Allocated seats are awarded to parties through a quota system.

The quota is the total number of votes received by a party or independent candidate divided by the number of seats already gained in that region plus one.

So, if the party already has one seat, its number of votes is divided by two, if it has two seats it is divided by three and so on.

In Emsworth, voters are also set to elect their Havant Borough Council representative.

The candidates for the Emsworth ward in the local elections are as follows: John Davis, UKIP; Vicky Gould, Green; Colin Mackey, Con (sitting councillor); Chris Maple, Lib Dem; Eric Whitehead, Lab.

Emsworth is represented by three councillors on the borough council. However, only one seat – Cllr Mackey’s – is up for election this year

Richard Galloway (Con) and Brendan Gibb-Gray’s (Con) seats will not be contested until 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Don’t forget to check back for updates on election results.

Full coverage of the election results will be published in next week’s paper.