General election results for Chichester: Here's what you need to know

The 2019 general election results for Chichester are in. Here's what you need to know...

Friday, 13th December 2019, 5:06 am
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 6:07 am
From left: Jay Morton (Lab), Heather Barrie (Grn), Kate O'Kelly (Lib Dem), Adam Brown (Libertarian), Gillian Keegan (Con)

The Conservative party has gained the most votes in Chichester today (Friday December 13).

The general election results are as follows:

The Green Party's Heather Barrie secured 2,527 votes, Adam Brown, Libertarian: 224, Andrew Emerson for Patria: 109, Conservative Gillian Keegan: 35,402, Jay Morton for Labour: 9,069 and Kate O'Kelly for the Lib Dems: 13,912

Chichester's incumbent MP Gillian Keegan said: "You don't know what's going to happen. Even though the polls may tell you something you're always nervous until you get the actual result so I am thoroughly relieved and very thankful and grateful to the people of Chichester for picking me again.

"Everyone expects us to get Brexit done as for things for Chichester we have to get the A27 back on the agenda first thing that's going to be basically getting a consultation back on the agenda so that we can agree a scheme and have a transparent process so that we can bring the community together to do that and then obviously get the funding for that.

"There are also a number of schools I have been to on the election campaign as a candidate that are under consultation."

Lib Dem Kate O'Kelly said she was 'completely delighted' to have doubled the party's vote share.

Labour's Jay Morton said: "I guess this is as expected. Chichester has been a Conservative seat for a very long time.

"We would have hoped to have made more gains but obviously Brexit has come into play and we have had a bit of tactical voting between Lib Dem and Labour so we have sort of got much closer than we were in the last general election but we're hoping that we might be able to change that again for the next one."

Green candidate Heather Barrie said: "I'm delighted. I got more votes than I did last time which was my ambition."

On the election result as a whole, she said: ""I'm really sad about how things have played out. We were very keen that this was seen as much as an environment election as much as a Brexit election."

She has also called for electoral reform calling the first past the post system 'unfair'.

In the 2017 general election Mrs Keegan secured 60 per cent of the vote in Chichester beating her nearest opponent, Labour's Mark Farwell, with 22 per cent. A total of 22, 621 votes.