‘I can’t park near my house or use the neighbouring car park' says frustrated Chichester resident

Beverly Cerexhe-Dickens
Beverly Cerexhe-Dickens

A Chichester resident has expressed her frustration at not being able to park near her house, or use the neighbouring car park for more than three hours overnight.

Beverly Cerexhe-Dickens lives in Florence Road, alongside a 24-hour car park, but district council rules means she cannot park there for more than three hours a day, so cannot leave it overnight.

She said: “There is a three hour parking limit, which also applies overnight. If I parked there I would have to get up in the middle of the night to move it. I am a resident and have two permits.

“You cannot park there even if you are a resident who has two permits and even if its empty. I cannot get my head around that at all. There are 20 spaces there.

"Parking is terrible round here. It is very difficult to park. It is totally unreasonable not to let us use the car park during the night.

"I sometimes have to drive way down the road which is a long way from the house. That isn't a problem as I'm not lazy but it doesn't seem fair that we can't use the car park when it's empty. It seems ridiculous.”

A Chichester District Council spokesman said the maximum three-hour stay was introduced following ‘complaints from local residents and visitors’ that the spaces were being used by commuters to park all day.

It added: “This meant that people who wanted to use the park or local facilities were not able to park there. We did consult with residents at the time and we did not receive any feedback to suggest that it would be an issue.

"We always monitor the impact of new parking restrictions and we will look at considering the resident’s suggestion as part of our next review.”

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