Lib Dems now the largest party at Chichester City Council after election

Chichester city council headquarters in North Street
Chichester city council headquarters in North Street

The Liberal Democrats are now the largest party at Chichester City Council.

Going into last week’s poll the Conservatives had 12 of 18 seats and now only have two seats.

Chichester District Council leader Tony Dignum and mayor Martyn Bell are the two remaining Tory city councillors.

The Lib Dems now have ten councillors, with the Greens having four and Labour two.

CENTRAL: Martyn Bell (Con) 402 ELECTED, John Halliday (Con) 311, Anne Scicluna (Lib Dem) 430 ELECTED, Malcolm Shepherd (Labour) 127, Raymond Webb (Lib Dem) 282.

EAST: Leslie Hixson (Con) 356, Cherry Hughes (Lib Dems) 513 ELECTED, John Hughes (Lib Dem) 435 ELECTED, Kevin Hughes (Lab) 543 ELECTED, Jane Kilby (Con) 384, Sarah Lishman (Lab) 549 ELECTED, Janet Maxwell (Con) 370, Christopher Spink (Con) 408, Barbara Stewart-Newell (Lib Dem) 406, Michael Woolley (Lib Dem) 425.

NORTH: Peter Budge (Con) 642, Tony Dignum (Con) 681 ELECTED, Margaret Evans (Con) 649, Peter Evans (Con) 595, Craig Gershater (Lib Dem) 745 ELECTED, Catherine Harry (Lib Dem) 833 ELECTED, Theo Kent (Lab) 302, Matthew Leeming (Lib Dem) 657, Bethan Norrell (Lib Dem) 749 ELECTED.

SOUTH: Amanda Atkinson (Lab) 249, Heather Barrie (Green) 835 ELECTED, Angus Bond (Lib Dem) 228, Deborah Carter (Green) 658 ELECTED, Patricia Conry (Con) 321, Nigel Galloway (Con) 354, Diane Gardner-Rowlands (Lib Dem) 190, Pauline Gaskin (Green) ELECTED, Zoe-Elizabeth Neal (Con) 284, Sarah Sharp (Green) 1,076 ELECTED, David Tilley (Lib Dem) 216, John Turbefield (Lib Dem) 190, Philip Wilson (Lab) 221.

WEST: Lawrence Abel (Con) 564, Clare Apel (Lib Dem) 1,266 ELECTED, John-Henry Bowden (Lib Dem) 1,024 ELECTED, Andrew Emerson (Patria) 126, Stephen Hill (Con) 548, James Hobson (Lab) 308, Julian Joy (Lib Dem) 905 ELECTED, Simon Lloyd-Williams (Con) 618, Derek Marsh (Con) 533, Aimie Merrett (Lab) 304, Richard Plowman (Lib Dem) 1,068 ELECTED.