Local Alliance wins Selsey seats in Chichester District Council elections

Tim and Donna after their win
Tim and Donna after their win

The newly formed Local Alliance party have told of their 'shock and elation' after winning two of four seats in Selsey in the district elections today (May 3).

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Tim Johnson, and Donna Johnson claimed Selsey South and Sidlesham with Selsey North respectively and said 'a mini earthquake has begun across the peninsula'.

Donna, also a town councillor, said: "It was just incredible. We felt that the time was right to make stand for Selsey. The peninsula doesn't have a strong voice and we think we need our own voice.

"We hope this is the beginning rather than the culmination of the last four weeks."

Tim won 811 votes, compared with fellow councillor Elliott Evans (Con) with 735. Donna won 717 while her fellow councillor, Carol Purnell (Con), won 648 votes.

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