Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between March 10 and 17.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 4:04 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


SDNP/21/01124/LIS: Rose Cottage, Bignor Road. Repainting of window frames.



BI/20/03280/TPA: Rear Of 21 Rowan Close. Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) removing lower limbs on south & south east sectors overhanging rear garden on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1) within Group, G2 subject to BI/83/00023/TPO.

BI/21/00383/DOM: Loxworth, Main Road. Single storey side extension.

BI/21/00697/FUL: Herons, Westlands Estate. Demolition of property and construction of a new single dwelling.


BO/21/00179/DOM: Brooklyn Cottage, Moreton Road. Demolition of garden room, linking pergola and outbuilding and construction of a replacement single storey linked extension. Re-roof over the utility area.

BO/21/00180/LBC: Brooklyn Cottage, Moreton Road. Demolition of garden room, linking pergola and outbuilding and construction of a replacement single storey linked extension. Re-roof over utility area.

BO/21/00364/DOM: 5 Leander Road. Demolition of existing single storey side extension and erection of a two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.

BO/21/00571/FUL: Land North Of Highgrove Farm, Main Road. Construction of 301 dwellings (including 90 affordable dwellings), community hall, public open space, associated works and 2 no. access from the A259 (one temporary for construction).

BO/21/00609/DOM: Kirk House, Green Lane. Installation of access gate.

BO/21/00620/FUL: Burnes Shipyard, Westbrook Field. Development comprising the demolition of existing B2 use shipyard buildings and structures and the erection of 3no. replacement C3 dwellings with access, parking, landscaping and associated works.


CC/21/00338/FUL: First And Second Floors. 36A East Street. Conversion of First and Second Floors (storage space) to 2 no. 2 bed bedroom flats and 1 no. 1 bedroom flat.

CC/21/00590/DOM: 25 Worcester Road. Demolition of existing single storey garage and porch and replacement two storey extension and porch.

CC/21/00610/DOM: 9 Worcester Road. Proposed two-storey rear, side and front extensions, revised fenestration and associated internal alterations.

CC/21/00614/TCA: 35 Whyke Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 20% (all round) on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1).

CC/21/00628/DOM: 54 Highland Road. Single storey rear and side extension and internal alterations.

CC/21/00693/DOM: 30 Highland Road. Garden summerhouse, resubmission of 20/01005/DOM.

CC/21/00709/DOM: 24 Plainwood Close. Erection of rear conservatory.

CC/21/00710/DOM: 44 St Pauls Road. Erection of rear conservatory.

CC/21/00734/TCA: 7A Parchment Street. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 25% on 1 no. Strawberry Arbutus tree (A), 1 no. Hawthorn tree (B) and 2 no. Olive trees (C).

CC/21/00740/TCA: 33 Franklin Place. Notification of intention to crown reduce height by up to 1.5m and widths by up to 0.5m (all round) on 1 no. Acacia Dealbata tree (quoted as T1).

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/20/02743/FUL: Long Acres, Drift Lane, Chidham. Re-location of existing sand school.

CH/21/00739/FUL: Wheatfields And Canigou, Cot Lane, Chidham. Roof extensions to both Wheatfields and Canigou.


SDNP/21/01201/HOUS: Bankside, Bell Lane. Repacement of roof tiles. Repointing of chimneys.

SDNP/21/01094/HOUS: Bell House, Bell Lane. UPVC Cladding to front elevation (South facing).


D/21/00751/TCA: The Old School House, Selsey Road. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Ash tree.


E/21/00548/FUL: Rivendell, 101A First Avenue, Almodington. Demolition of existing agricultural building and erection of 1 no. 1 bed dwelling (inc solar panels on roof) - alternative to Class Q approval E/20/02385/PA3Q. (resubmission of E/20/03285/FUL).


SDNP/21/01182/TCA: Vectis, Easebourne Street. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Oak tree (T1).

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/21/00561/DOM: East Bay, East Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham. Roof extension with raised ridge height and new dormer. General alterations and balcony.

EWB/21/00647/DOM: 23 Woodborough Close, Bracklesham. To alter rear fenestration to create a bay window and replace upvc units.

EWB/21/00636/DOM: Newton, Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham. Single storey rear extension. New porch to front. Alterations to first floor including extending rear dormer window.


EN/21/00453/FUL: Brook Cottage, Ebernoe Roa,d Balls Cross. New access to the highway and associated driveway/parking area.


SDNP/21/01138/HOUS: Hatch Wood House, Hatch Lane, Kingsley Green. To erect a wooden children’s playhouse.


FB/21/00542/FUL: The Woolpack, 71 Fishbourne Road West. Change of use of bed and breakfast hotel to dual use of hotel and HMO.


SDNP/21/01055/LIS: Fittleworth House, Bedham Lane. Internal layout alteration of the ground and first floor of the northwest wing.

SDNP/21/00855/HOUS: Ivy Cottage, Lower Street. Erection of driveway gates.


SDNP/21/01171/HOUS: 5 Admirals Walk. Erection of garden shed.


SDNP/21/00102/HOUS: Caerfai, Church Lane, South Harting. Extension to the first floor with pitched and living roof. Alterations to the external elevations. Replacement Garage.

SDNP/21/01160/LDP: Marden Meadow, East Harting Street, East Harting. Single storey rear extension

SDNP/21/00964/HOUS: Ivydene, Nyewood Road, Nyewood, South Harting. Erection of a single storey opensided entrance porch with piched roof.


KD/21/00717/TCA: Half Moon Inn, Glasshouse Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce by approx. 30% on 2 no. Apple trees (marked on plan as T1 and T2).


SDNP/20/04361/HOUS: North Pavilion, Raughmere Drive. Installation of 1 no. garden shed using existing hard standing, trellis to top of existing brick wall and 1 no. post for privacy sign.

SDNP/20/05186/LIS: North Pavilion, Raughmere Drive. Installation of 1 no. garden shed using existing hard standing, trellis to top of existing brick wall and 1 no. post for privacy sign.

SDNP/21/00772/LIS: Lavant House School, West Lavant Road. Reinstatement and restoration of ballroom, following structural repairs - including replacement oak floor to match existing, restoration of ceiling, 2 no. new timber doors, new decorative alcove, restored fireplace and alterations to 2 no. windows and removal of 1 no. window on north elevation.

SDNP/21/01034/HOUS: 87 - 88 Trumley, West Stoke Road. Replacement of existing modern timber casement windows. New windows to match existing, configuration, material and colour. Incorporating high performance glass.

SDNP/21/01035/LIS: 87 - 88 Trumley, West Stoke Road. Replacement of existing modern timber casement windows. New windows to match existing, configuration, material and colour. Incorporating high performance glass.

SDNP/21/01139/HOUS: 32 Northside, Mid Lavant. Rear extension over existing single storey flat roof extension. Re-submission of SDNP/17/00809/HOUS.

SDNP/21/00710/HOUS: 4 Oldwick Meadows. Ground floor rear extension with associated roof works.


SDNP/21/00914/HOUS: Gentils Farm, Lickfold Road. Proposed in-ground swimming pool.

SDNP/21/01198/HOUS: Brickyard Cottage, Surrey Road. Demolition of existing oil tank and omission of free standing plant shed to be replaced by proposed semi-basment plant room extension.

SDNP/21/01257/LDP: The Garden Cottage, Highstead Lane, Lickfold. Propsoed lawful development erection of outbuilding on existing garden land.


LX/21/00496/DOM: Pondside Flitchfold, Vicarage Hill. New rear extension, side porch and garage. Change part of the existing garage to habitable accommodation. Update roof tiles to main dwelling.

LX/21/00656/PLDLBC: Ryley Cottage, High Street. Refurbishment of 2 no. windows and timber frames.

LX/21/00666/LBC: Ryley Cottage, High Street. Installation of an electric vehicle charging point on modern garage extension.

LX/21/00716/TPA: Oaklea, Vicarage Hill. Crown thin by up to 20% on 1 no. oak tree (T1) subject to LX/78/00650/TPO.


SDNP/21/00594/FUL: Unit B, Oliver Building, The Wharf. Change of use from CW warehouse to mixed use of B2 and sui generis.


SDNP/20/05455/LIS: Old Walls Cottage, Angel Street. Install 1 no. roof light in pitched roof and replace slipped tiles and weakened batons.

Plaistow And Ifold

PS/21/00714/TPA: Fairways, The Ride, Ifold. Remove 1 no. lower limb (north sector) overhanging neighbour’s garden on 1 no. Oak tree (T3) subject to PS/96/00807/TPO.


SDNP/21/00910/FUL: Land to North West of London Road, Hill Brow, Liss. 1 no. dwelling with associated work and extension of driveway.

SDNP/21/01073/TCA: Pond House, North Street. Notification of intention to pollard at the previous reduction points 1 no. Weeping Willow tree (T1). Reduce lateral branches on the northern and southern sector by up to 2.5m and crown raise by up to 6m on 1 no. Beech tree (T2). To fell 1 no. Conifer tree (T3) and to crown thin by 20% on 1 no. Apple tree (T4).


SY/21/00463/DOM: Kerk Arrow, 1 Seal Square. Single storey rear extension following removal of outbuilding.

SY/21/00504/DOM: 74 Kingsway. Installation of cladding to front and side elevation.

SY/21/00537/FUL: Land At 3 Manor Farm Court. Erection of 1 no. dwelling.

SY/21/00572/DOM: New House, The Bridgeway. Proposed extention of existing garage to form new gym.

SY/21/00638/ELD: Warners Farm, Warners Lane. Change use of land as service and maintenance area ancillary to the caravan site.

SY/21/00639/ELD: Land North Of Play Ground, West Sands Caravan Park, Mill Lane. Change use of land for purposes ancillary to caravan site.

SY/21/00640/ELD: Land North West Of White Horse Caravan Park, Paddock Lane. Change use of the land to a camping and caravan site as part of the wider caravan site.


SI/21/00417/FUL: Windward Nursery, Chalk Lane. Demolition of existing glasshouse and erection of 1 no. four bed dwelling and triple garage (alternative to planning permission SI/19/00810/FUL).

SI/21/00622/FUL: Land East Of 4 Cow Lane. Detailed application for an alternative 1 no. 3 bed dwelling following approval of 19/02349/FUL.

SI/21/00690/ELD: 24 Chalk Lane. Use of the building known as The Barn as a single dwellinghouse.

SI/21/00750/PA3Q: Applegate Nursery, Fletchers Lane. Conversion of an Agricultural building to 1 No. dwelling house (Use Class C3).


SDNP/21/01070/HOUS: Police House, A286 Cobblers Row To Middlefield. Single storey rear and front extensions.


SB/21/00350/DOM: 19 Slipper Road. Replacement of existing flat roofs with shallow sloping roof on both bungalow and detached garage.

SB/21/00599/DOM: The Old Rope Walk, 11 Slipper Road. Replacement garage.

Special Code For BLPUs Outside CDC Area

SPEC/21/00762/ADJ: Hayling Island Coastal Management. Ref: GEN/21/00220. Proposed Development: Scoping Opinion Consultation.


TG/21/00634/FUL: Willowdene, 1 Tangmere Road. Partial change of use from A2 (nursery) to C3 (residential).

West Dean

SDNP/21/00954/LDE: Land North of Chilgrove Farmhouse, Old West Dean Road. Existing Lawful Development Certificate for the change of use of land from agricultural to the use of land for the keeping of horses, the storage of vehicles and other domestic paraphernalia and the erection of two buildings all in association with the residential use of the dwellinghouse at Old Post Office Cottage.

SDNP/21/01289/BBPN: West Dean. Regulation 5 proposed works to upgrade the existing telecommunications site.

SDNP/21/01248/APNB: The Pickle Yard, The Grinch. Forestry storage building.

West Itchenor

WI/21/00447/DOM: Shipton Mead, Shipton Green Lane. Erection of a detached double garage.

WI/21/00764/TCA: Dobbies, Itchenor Road. Notification of intention to fell 3 no. Leyland Cypress trees (quoted as 1, 2 & 3).

West Lavington

SDNP/21/00719/LIS: Bridge North of 228 and 229, The Wharf, Midhurst. Installation of river level monitoring equipment to east side of bridge to provide flood warning service to the local community.

West Wittering

WW/20/03356/FUL: Four Jays, 24 Russell Road. Demolition of bungalow and construction of new bungalow over footprint.

WW/21/00494/DOM: Court Barn, Rookwood Lane. Retrospective relocation of parking with new access to track, paving to courtyard with domestic swimming pool and construction of store.

WW/21/00518/DOM: Little Hayes, Meadow Lane. Two storey front and rear extensions.

WW/21/00577/DOM: Beacon House, 26 Marine Drive. Erection of single storey side extension, loft conversion with front and rear dormers, cladding and alterations to external facade, widening of dropped kerb to the front access, demolition of existing outbuilding/garage and replacement summer house / home office.

WW/21/00708/FUL: Seahaven, West Strand. Replacement dwelling and outbuilding and associated works (Variation of condition 2 from planning permission WW/20/02489/FUL - Alterations including enlarged and additional dormers and resiting of the garage).

WW/21/00720/DOM: Home Farm Cottage, Elms Lane. New garage/boathouse with ancillary accommodation to replace existing garage, (Variation of condition 2 or permission WW/20/01763/DOM - roof covering changed from clay tiles to cedar shingles and 1st floor window above the garage changed to glazed doors).


WE/20/03308/DOM: Ashover, Monks Hill. Proposed single storey rear/side extension.

WE/21/00576/DOM: 5 Lark Way. Proposed single storey rear extension, change of loft space to habitable accommodation with rear dormer and 3no. skylights to front elevation.


WH/21/00489/FUL: Lanburn Connemaras, Swallow Beck, Madgwick Lane. Change of use of land for use as a certified ‘Caravan and Motorhome Club’ site for siting up to 5 no. caravans, motorhomes or trailer tents.

Wisborough Green

WR/21/00450/FUL: Woodstock, Durbans Road. Erection of timber framed stables.

WR/21/00470/TPA: Land North Of Park Hill, Durbans Road. Pollard back to previous points on 1 no. Poplar tree (T3), reduce crown by approx 5m on 1 no. Oak tree (T4), reduce height (all round) by upto 4m on 1 no. Oak tree (T11), crown lift to 5m and lateral reduction by 2m (south-east sector) on 2 no. Oak tree (T12 and T13), crown reduce (all round) by 5m on 1 no. oak tree (T10) and pollard to 6m 1 no. Oak tree (T9). All trees within Area (A1), subject to LX/59/01108/TPO