Planning applications submitted to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority

The following planning applications have been made to Chichester District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority between July 14 and 21.

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 2:06 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Chichester District Council or South Downs National Park Authority websites.


BI/21/01830/OUT: Land Off Main Road. Outline planning application for up to 150 dwellings (including 30% affordable housing) with community park, public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (SuDS) and vehicular access point. All matters reserved except for means of access.



BO/21/00211/FUL: Sailaway Rest Home, Main Road. Extensions and Alterations to existing buildings including re-roofing to create 9 no. 1 bed Supported Living Apartments - Use Class C2.

BO/21/00941/DOM: Norwest, North Road. Erection of two storey side extension and conversion of loft space into habitable room.


CC/21/01459/DOM: 12 Stanton Drive. Single storey extension to the rear elevation with parapet in render.

CC/21/01844/DOM: Chybean, 29 Kensington Road. Single storey rear extension.

CC/21/02023/DOM: The Barn, Fordwater Lane. Construction of a double garage.

CC/21/02122/LBC: 31-32 East Street. Undertaking essential works to remedy woodworm infestation and damp ingress into the property at ground and basement levels.

CC/21/02151/TPA: 4 Stanton Drive. Crown thin by 30% and reduce height by 2m on 1 no. Chestnut tree and crown thin by 30% and reduce height by 1m on 1 no. Cherry tree within Woodland, W1 subject to CC/68/00163/TPO.

CC/21/02160/DOM: Garden Cottage, 22 Jubilee Road. Conversion of studio to en-suite bedroom. Changing roof to slates.

CC/21/02167/PLD: 21 St James Road. Erection of side extension with modification to existing garage roof; erection of front porch.

Chidham & Hambrook

CH/21/01797/FUL: Green Acre, Main Road, Chidham. Demolition of existing property and construction of 2 no. detached dwellings, garaging and associated works.


E/21/02109/PNO3R: Land South Of 101/102 First Avenue, Almodington. Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to a flexible use within Shops (Class A1), Financial and Professional Services (Class A2), Restaurants and Cafes (Class A3), Business (Class B1), Storage or Distribution (Class B8), Hotels (Class C1) or Assembly and Leisure (Class D2).

E/21/02175/TCA: Earnley Place, Clappers Lane. Notification of intention to reduce width on south sector by 1m. Reduce height by up to 2.5m to 1m above split in main stem. Reduce lateral spread of remaining crown by up to 2m. Reduce 1 no. east limb over outhouse and wall by up to 3m on 1 no. Mulberry tree (T1). Fell 1 no. Goat willow tree (T2), 1 no. Horse chestnut tree (T4) and 1 no. Ash leaf maple tree (T9). Insert 1 or 2 props in ground to allow stabilisation of tree on 1 no. Quince tree (T5). Crown reduce by up to 1m on (all round) on 1 no. Medlar Tree (T6). Reduce lateral spread on east sector by 1.5m on 1 no. Horse chestnut tree (T7). Crown lift sub-lateral branches (all round) to a height of up to 2.5m above ground level on 1 no. Blue Atlantic Cedar tree (T8). Crown thin by 15% on 1 no. Norway maple tree (T10). Crown thin by up to 20%. Crown lift over the east and north walls up to 1m above top of wall. Crown lift south sector over lawn only to 2m above ground level on 1 no. Ash leaf maple tree (T11).


SDNP/21/03706/OHL: Land West of Cowdray House, Cowdray Park. Electricity Act 1989: Overhead Lines (Exemption) (England and Wales) Regulations 2009 - Erection of a new 10m pole.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/21/01675/DOM: Ashurst, Peerley Road, East Wittering. Roof alterations including increase to roof height, rear dormer and roof-lights. Fenestration alterations and front shed/store.

EWB/21/02174/ADV: The Co-Operative Bracklesham Bay, Bracklesham Lane. 1no. non-illuminated fascia sign, 2 no. internally illuminated fascia signs, 1no. internally illuminated Totem sign and 10 no. vinyl signs.


SDNP/21/03666/LDP: Siblands Farm, Church Road To Ebernoe Road. Repair work to barn roof.


SDNP/21/03449/HOUS: The Coach House, 6 Woodfold. New garage.

SDNP/21/03654/HOUS: Glebe House, 12 Church Road. Replacement of Conservatory with flat roof extension.


FB/21/02017/TPA: Twin Oaks, 2 Beaver Close. Reduce south sector by 1.5m and reduce lowest 1 no. branch on south sector by 1.5m on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T1, TPO’d nos. T5). Removal of 3 no. lower lateral branches (radiating southwards) and reduce south sector by 1.5m on 1 no. Oak tree (quoted as T3, TPO’d nos. T6). Both trees subject to FB/69/00042/TPO.

FB/21/02155/LBC: Pendrills, Mill Lane. Proposed internal alterations including the introduction of new lowered limecrete floors with an under floor heating.


SDNP/21/03641/LIS: Fitzleroi Farm, Fitzleroi Lane. Internal non-structural adaptations to an existing building within the curtilage of a Grade II listed building.


SDNP/21/03487/LDP: Little Quinnings, Malthouse Lane, West Ashling. Permitted development proposals for extension to main house, construction of swimming pool and garden structures.


SDNP/21/03516/LDP: Wiblings Farm, Graffham Common Road. This application is for the erection of a forestry building and construction of an access track. The development is to be used for the storage of forestry vehicles, machinery, and equipment for use helping with the maintenance of the woodland.


SDNP/21/02857/HOUS: Hucksholt Farm House, B2146 Hundred Acres To Compton Down Road, Compton. Construction of a side extension and associated minor internal alterations.

SDNP/21/02858/LIS: Hucksholt Farm House, B2146 Hundred Acres To Compton Down Road, Compton. Construction of a side extension and associated minor internal alterations.


LV/21/02149/TPA: Entrance - Maddoxwood, Lavant Road, Chichester. Reduce south sector by 2m and crown lift by up to 3.5m (above ground level) on 1 no. Sycamore tree (quoted as T23). Reduce south sector by 2m and crown lift by up to 3m (above ground level) on 1 no. Hawthorn tree (quoted as T25). Both trees are within Woodland, W6 subject to LV/74/00636/TPO.

SDNP/21/02902/FUL: Portsmouth Water - Lavant Water Treatment Works, Lavant Down Road, Mid Lavant. Demolition of existing water treatment building and erection of 1 no. UV treatment plant building, use of existing access during the operational phase and during construction an alternative means of access will be utilised.


LX/21/02093/REM: Land South Of Loxwood Farm Place, High Street. Application for the approval of reserved matters (Appearance, Layout & Scale) pursuant to outline planning permission LX/20/01617/OUT - for the erection of 24 no. residential dwellings (including 7 no. affordable homes) with associated parking, hardstanding areas and landscaping.


SDNP/21/03451/HOUS: Ivybank, Carron Lane. Demolition works and for the erection of single and two storey house extensions.


SDNP/21/03483/HOUS: Dellwood Cottage, Wheatsheaf Enclosure. Detached two-bay carport with ancillary space above.


SDNP/21/03347/HOUS: Monkslea, Valentines Lea. Construction of front porch.


SDNP/21/03718/TCA: 350C Cherry Orchard. Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Hazel tree (T3), 1 no. Cherry tree (T5), 1 no. Lawson Cypress tree (T4), 1 no. Monkey Puzzle tree (T6a) and 1 no. Yew tree (T6b). Remove 2 no. branches (western sector) on 1 no. Walnut tree (T8).


SDNP/21/03626/LIS: Terwick Old Rectory, Old Rectory. Replacement of ceiling / floor structure and associated works.


SY/21/01846/DOM: 2 Danefield Road. Ground floor rear extension and first floor side extension with associated roof works and various alterations.

SY/21/02067/DOM: Beaconsfield Villa, 65 East Street. Replacement of existing porch with new porch and over cladding top half of existing render with weatherboarding to the East, South and West Elevations.


SI/21/00570/DOM: Castlefield Cottage, Rotten Row. Demolition of existing conservatory and construction of a two-storey side extension.


SDNP/21/03290/FUL: North Lane House, North Lane, Charlton. Replacement of existing domestic outbuilding with a single-storey barn to form a self-contained holiday let (C3).


SB/21/01116/DOM: 55 Park Road. Demolition of existing single storey utility area to construct two storey rear extension.

SB/21/02038/DOM: 1 Elm Tree Cottages, Prinsted Lane, Prinsted. First and second floor side extension, single storey front bay window and replacement rear extension.

West Itchenor

WI/21/01676/FUL: Martlet Cottage, Itchenor Road. Replacement dwelling and combined garage and annex and new swimming pool.

West Wittering

WW/21/00883/DOM: Locks Ash, 32 Locksash Close. Demolition of existing garage to replace with an oak framed, three bay garage-type outbuilding.

WW/21/01869/DOM: Fairfields, Cakeham Road. External alterations to existing rear single storey extension and garage, along with new windows throughout and internal changes.

WW/21/01926/ELD: Old Malthouse Cottage, Rookwood Road. Existing lawful developmet certificate for the use of agricultural land as garden curtilage for the last 17 years.

WW/21/01972/DOM: Little Hayes, Meadow Lane. Replacement garage and associated works.

WW/21/01986/DOM: Creek House, Snow Hill. Redevelopment of existing outbuilding to ancillary residential annexe.

WW/21/02002/DOM: 1 Marine Drive West. Erection of a two-bay detached garage and new sliding gate.

WW/21/02047/DOM: Wix Corner, Redlands Lane. Demolition of existing garage shed and outbuildings, single storey rear extension and detached garage.

WW/21/02066/TCA: Summerheys, Elms Lane. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 1.5m (back to previous pruning points) - finished heights of 7m and spread of 5m on 2 no Box Elder trees (T1-T2). Crown reduce by 2.5m (back to previous pruning points) - finished height of 7m and spread of 3m on 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (T3).

WW/21/02099/DOM: 4 Mill Gardens. Single storey front extension and glazing alterations.

Wisborough Green

WR/21/01554/FUL: Howfold Barn, Howfold Farm, Newpound Lane. Erection of 1 no. dwelling - alternative to dwelling permission WR/20/01036/PA3Q.

WR/21/02053/TCA: Meadow View, Petworth Road. Notification of intention to reduce height by up to 3m and crown thin by 30% on 2 no. trees (unknown).

WR/21/02115/ELD: Copse Cottage, Harsfold Lane. Existing lawful use of land as part of existing domestic curtilage of main dwelling.