Plans for 350 Westergate homes ‘complete and utter madness’

Artist's impressions of 350 new homes planned for Westergate
Artist's impressions of 350 new homes planned for Westergate

Changes to plans for 350 new homes east of Westergate have been published giving residents another chance to have their say.

Cala Homes originally submitted its proposals for the large strip of land off Westergate Street to Arun District Council in February 2017.

It is seeking full planning permission for 101 homes and outline approval for the remaining 249 units, totalling 350 on the site.

The piece of land is bounded by the railway line to the south and the Lidsey rife to the east.

A large number of objections have been received from residents and revisions to the plans were submitted in March this year and now further changes have been lodged with Arun.

Public consultation on the application has therefore reopened giving residents another chance to make their views known.

Objectors have continued to stress the existing strain on infrastructure such as roads, schools and GP surgeries, as well as raising concerns about the impact of the development on the character of the area.

One resident wrote: “Complete and utter madness on all levels.”

This is one of a number of developments planned for the Barnham, Westergate and Eastergate area alongside a scheme to re-route the A29.

According to Cala’s design and access statement, submitted with its application: “Overall, the proposals have been designed to create a high quality development that respects and positively contributes to the key landscape features of the local character.”

They added: “It is considered that the development can be assimilated into the existing landscape framework and provide a high quality extension to the existing settlement without detrimental impacts upon the overall character and expectations of the village settlement boundary.”

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