Restaurant next to Selsey Town Hall '˜will be a disaster'

Plans for a takeaway restaurant right next to Selsey Town Hall '˜will be a disaster in every way', according to councillors.

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 11:25 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:02 am
The proposed home of the new restaurant next to Selsey Town Hall

Developers were granted permission for a change of use for the ground floor unit on the high street from offices by Chichester District Council’s planning committee last Wednesday.

However, several members of the committee raised concerns about the suitability of the proposed location right next to the town hall.

Carol Purnell (Con, Sesley North) said: “I have to be open and honest at this point.

“I think it’s an absolutely ridiculous place to put a restaurant but in the same vein of honesty I can’t see any planning reasons on which to refuse it.”

She suggested any issues arising from waste would be for environmental health, while parking problems would be for enforcement officers to deal with.

Previously the application had been deferred by the committee for a site visit and to receive more information.

Officers explained the extractor duct would be at the second floor, while food waste would be stored under the internal stairs and taken outside for collection.

Clive Alden, speaking for Selsey Town Council, raised concerns about the impact any illegal parking could have on traffic flow in the high street and the potential effect of smells from food waste out of a window opposite the entrance to the town hall.

Les Hixson (Con, Chichester East) said: “With regret, I really feel sorry for the people who are trying to set up a restaurant there.

“As a person who likes using all sorts of restaurants I can honestly feel that this will be a disaster in every way. It’s just not suitable.”

Janet Duncton (Con, Petworth), however, suggested the business plan on how to run the restaurant was up to the applicant and not to her, adding: “It’s a blinking shopfront so, yes, I would go with the application.”

Richard Plowman (LDem, Chichester West) agreed that the site was ‘not ideal’ but also felt there were no sound planning reasons to refuse the application.

According to application documents the new restaurant would serve pizza, anglo/mediterranean food and breakfasts.

The property is owned by the district council.