Upgrades to council depot at Westhampnett agreed

The entrance to the Westhampnett depot off Stane Street
The entrance to the Westhampnett depot off Stane Street

Upgrades to the depot at Weshampnett have been agreed by Chichester District Council.

The area is set to be surfaced with drainage improved at a cost of £592,000, while £31,000 of Brexit funding from the Government will go towards a new fuel storage facility.

Meanwhile £199,400 is due to be spent on a vehicle wash down facility.

The spending was agreed by district councillors at a meeting last Tuesday (July 23).

Penny Plant, cabinet member for environment and Chichester Contract Services, said: “This will considerably improve the depot and ensure it’s fit for purpose for the next 20 years.”

The contract services depot has undergone a major phased refurbishment and redevelopment programme over the last few years.

This included improvements to the office and workshop accommodation, mechanical and electrical improvements, demolition of some structures as well as perimeter security works.

In 2016 the east side of the vehicle park was upgraded to include improved drainage.

The final phase of this programme at the west side of the site will see the vehicle park resurfaced and drainage improved to prevent flooding and repair uneven surfaces.

The wheel washing facility will mean staff will no longer have to use a hand-held pressure washer to clean vehicle hoppers after domestic waste collections.

It will also mean the under chassis of vehicles can be washed on site increasing the life span of key and expensive vehicle components.

The wash down facility will also be available for commercial organisations and private hauliers during the day to generate extra income for the council.

Adrian Moss, leader of the Lib Dem group at the council, said: “I think it’s a really important part of what we are trying to achieve at this district council to commercialise some of our enterprises where we can so we can make some money and help our residents.”

The fuel storage facility will help reduce costs and improve resilience.