Westbourne housing bid appeal date set

A REFUSED bid for 22 homes will be debated at a planning inquiry later this month.

Southcott Homes Ltd is appealing against Chichester District Council’s decision to turn down its plans for land of the north side of Long Copse Lane, Westbourne.

A bid for 22 homes on the land was turned down in April with the council listing a string of reasons for its decision.

They included the fact that the west part of the development would go beyond the existing built-up area into the surrounding rural area, which would be ‘harmful’ to the character of the area.

The council also raised concerns about the mixture of affordable and market housing in the scheme, safe car access and a lack of infrastructure to cope with the new homes.

The inquiry will start at 10am at East Pallant House, Chichester, on October 29.

It is expected to last for three days.