Whitehouse Farm: Construction traffic 'a real concern'

Some of the homes proposed by Miller Homes
Some of the homes proposed by Miller Homes

Developers behind Whitehouse Farm have been accused of not being able to answer concerns over traffic during the construction phase of the development.

At a public meeting in the assembly rooms on Monday morning, residents and councillors were given an opportunity to quiz the developers Miller Homes and Linden Homes on topics such as delays to the development, environmental concerns and the impact of construction traffic through the city.

The proposed northern access route to the site

The proposed northern access route to the site

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Cllr Clare Apel: “When the outline planning permission was given two-and-a-half years ago I particularly raised concerns about the construction traffic and the emissions passing five primary schools and one secondary school.

“You say you have a construction traffic police but you’re not telling us what. This is a really serious thing. We’ve got thousands of children go to school in the morning and are probably going along those roads.

“This is a real concern.”

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Cllr Adrian Moss also raised concerns about the effect of traffic from construction vehicles around Chichester, but particularly around Fishbourne, Funtington Road and St Pauls Road.

“Part of it is that construction traffic and I don’t think we have had the full answer to that and it seems to me that you don’t have an answer and that worries me.

“It worries me that we are here now and we still don’t have an answer.”

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Associate planning director at Miller Homes Rob Collett said: “Construction vehicle routing is something that is important on every site and on this site in particular and we had extensive discussion with officers at West Sussex [county council] through the outlined planning application process which led to the preparation of the plans on screen."

Mr Collett displayed what he called an improved route for construction vehicles and said the developers planned to keep construction vehicles ‘where they possibly can’ on what he called the ‘strategic network’.

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The route begins from the A27 at Fishbourne roundabout, along the A25, then onto the A286 Orchard Street on the east of the city.

Construction traffic would then following St Paul’s Road ending about 100 yards from Brandy Hole Lane.

“Only when vehicles can’t get to the site on the strategic network do they then use roads off that,” Mr Collett added.