Prebendal School pupils raise funds for Chichester charity

Eloise Armstrong, Lily Eitel, Eloise Nickolls, Jonny Yang, Fedor Popovich
Eloise Armstrong, Lily Eitel, Eloise Nickolls, Jonny Yang, Fedor Popovich

Pupils from Chichester’s The Prebendal School have raised more than £1,600 for Children on the Edge (COTE) by hosting a range of events and activities.

Year Eight students raise funds for a different charity each term, and are encouraged to put a case forward for a cause, which is then put to a vote amongst pupils and teachers.

Lily Eitel, 13, put forward COTE, preparing a formal presentation on the local charity and encouraging other students to vote for it.

After it was announced that COTE had won, Lily and her friends set about raising funds through a variety of activities, including a drinks party for parents, cake sales, mufti days, a Christmas jumper day and a movie night.

Lily said: “We really enjoyed fundraising for COTE at Prebendal. It made us all realise how privileged we are compared to all the children we helped”.

The Chichester based charity works with some of the most vulnerable children around the world.

Lily continued: “We were already aware that Children on the Edge was based in Chichester and we really wanted to support a local organisation that benefitted many children worldwide. This made it more real for all the Prebendal pupils”.

Eloise Armstrong, the fundraising manager for the charity, said: “As a Chichester based charity, we were delighted to be chosen by the Year Eight students at Prebendal. We were so impressed with the creativity and zeal of their fundraising activities. The money raised will help provide much needed education for refugee children in refugee camps and Internally Displaced Peoples’ camps in Bangladesh and Myanmar”.

Jane Garfield, Head of Languages and Year Eight tutor at Prebendal School said: “Our Year Eight pupils worked incredibly hard to raise money for this very worthy cause. We are really proud of them and it was because of their amazing efforts and endless enthusiasm that such a large amount of money was raised”.