Pro-EU campaigners plan ‘day of action’ in Chichester

News. Photo: Shutterstock
News. Photo: Shutterstock

Pro-EU campaigners are set to gather at Chichester’s Market Cross today as part of a UK ‘action day’ by the European Movement.

The Portsmouth and Chichester branch of the movement will be giving out leaflets arguing Brexit will have a negative impact on the NHS and nurse recruitment.

Similar events are being held at 18 other locations across the UK.

Michael Young, CEO of the European Movement UK, said: “By trying to lead us out of the EU, government is jeopardizing the future of the NHS, which so many people depend upon.

“Our NHS is served by many hard-working EU citizens who now face uncertainty over their futures in the UK. This is unacceptable, discriminatory and retrogressive.

“As the Tories bicker and Labour figures out its position on Brexit, the grassroots European Movement is constantly growing as thousands of supporters join us to take part in Action Days, like today, and show that we reject the current situation, want to safeguard our NHS from any damage, and welcome all those who help the NHS to help others.”