Project remembers the 57 Selsey men lost in the war


THE launch of the Selsey 57 website marked the start of Selsey’s first world war commemorations.

The Selsey Arts Dream group joined with the U3A to create a website for the town, featuring the 57 men who died in the first world war.

The groups collated information, pictures and letters from the men, to build a picture of each individual.

The site also features paintings, poetry and letters from the town’s residents on the topic of war, including contributions from the local schools.

The launch of the site on Monday was host to several families which are descended from the Selsey 57,.

Two branches of the Ireland family (pictured) met up at the website preview.

They are descendants of siblings of Henry Amos Ireland who died in the first world war at the battle of Jutland, aged only 17. One family had Henry’s 1914-15 Star and the other his memorial plaque.

Chris Butler, who runs the Arts Dream group, spoke about the site.

She said: “It’s about the history of the men, their lives, stories and the memories of their families.

“This is the start of it, it goes on. We will see it developing as we go.”

The site, which goes live on today (August 1), can be found at

Other events going on in the Town include a ‘commemorative review’ of Selsey and the first world war, on Sunday and Monday, called A Dark Day Dawned.

The theatre production, The End of a Journey, will take place in the old Selsey theatre throughout next week.

The Selsey 57 Exhibition will be held on August 8, 9 and 10, and will feature the heritage of the town, and Selsey through the first world war.

There will be photographs, books, articles, maps and personal memories of the 57 men who lost their lives in battle. It is open from 10am-4pm.

And finally, on August 29, there will be a youth drama workshop based on War Horse at the Selsey Centre.

Visit the Selsey57 website for more details on the events and more information about the project, when it goes live tomorrow. See page 50 for a preview of the play The End of a Journey.