Protest in city centre this weekend


STUDENTS from Chichester College and The University of Chichester will hold a protest at the Chichester Cross this weekend in their fight for free education.

The demonstration will take place at 1pm on Saturday as 
part of a national campaign against fees and cuts.

Protesters will aim to gain support from workers and the wider community by making their voices heard in the city centre.

Thousands of students marched through London on November 19 and 
many more have held protests at their own campuses.

Hannah Sketchley, from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, said: “The national demonstration on November 19 was the start of a new movement – not just against tuition fees but for a system of education which is public, democratic and accessible to everyone.

“But we all know that A to B marches are never enough.

“We now need mass, sustainable organisation and disruption at a local level – bringing in a broader layer of students and the local communities.

“NCAFC has called these days of action to provide a focus for action.”