Public enquiry into Stedham poultry farm home

A THREE-DAY public inquiry is scheduled next month into an appeal by the owner of a former poultry farm at Stedham who has been refused permission to live there.

Chichester District Council issued enforcement notices against Ian Brewer’s alleged changes of use of the land and a building without planning consent.

The council alleges a change of use of part of a building, on the ground and first floors, as a single dwelling house, with an associated garden area.

It also says that, without planning permission, there has been a change of use of the land and part of a building for the storage and repair/restoration of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

The public inquiry has been set for November 8-10.

The first day of the appeal hearing will be at County Hall, Chichester, and then at the Council House in North Street, Chichester, beginning at 10am on all three days.

Members of the public may attend and may be able to give their views.

The former poultry farm, which is at Minsted Lane, is the venue for the annual music event, Onionfest, which is held to raise money for charitable causes in Thailand in the wake of the 2004 tsunami disaster.

Applications for consent for residential use of part of a barn, and for the storage and restoration of vehicles were submitted in 2009 and both were refused.