Pupils get down to roots in Chichester

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Pupils, staff and parents at St Richard’s RC Primary School made a tree-mendous effort when they took part in a green day.

One of the highlights was when the school gathered on the field in the morning to plant a special pledge tree. Each class then promised to do something green for the coming year and wrote them down on a series of stones which were placed at the base of the tree,

Everyone at school was asked to wear something green and were encouraged to travel to school by either walking or cycling, using the bus or car sharing to help cut down their carbon footprint.

During the day the school made efforts to reduce the amount of electricity it normally uses which included eating sandwiches instead of hot dinners, not doing any photocopying and using paper and pen instead of the computer.

In preparation for the day pupils were asked to make various items out of recycled materials coming back to school after the half-term with pictures, cars and plant pots. All the entries were judged, and prizes presented for the best creations.

The pupils at St Richard’s were not the only ones being green for the day. Their partner schools Ste Jeanne D’Arc, La Bretagne in France and Scuole Primarie Vaggio e Leccio, Reggello, in Italy were also held a similar day.