Quarter of a century since Sussex's flooding disaster

It’s been quarter of a century since the rain-swollen River Lavant burst its banks after hours of torrential rain, flooding Chichester, Bognor Regis, and Midhurst.

Tuesday, 15th January 2019, 3:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:08 pm
Local schoolchildren playing in the floodwaters around The Hornet in Chichester
Local schoolchildren playing in the floodwaters around The Hornet in Chichester

The area south of the Downs was most heavily affected by the floods which occured in early January 1994, coastal areas being hit first, followed by water lapping at shop doors in central Chichester.

Dorothy Henly and Suzanne Padley struggle along the road which had turned into a river outside their home at Brooklands Cottages, Walderton
Ted Marshall using sand bags to hold the water back from his home in Stoughton, near Chichester
Geoffrey Martin carries his dog through the floodwater in Singleton
Diana Russell surveys the sandbags outside her shop in The Hornet
Anxious traders keeping a late night watch at their premises as the floodwater rises
Gallant Philip Fogden gives Debbie Lawrence a lift through the flood at North End Road, near Barnham
Ruth O'Connell, landlady of Singleton's Horse and Groom pub, mopping up. The car park had been flooded and water started pouring into the dining room. "Water is coming up through the floor," she said. "We have run out of sandbags"
Ellen Huxley and Sylvia Jones watch for the rising water from behind the sandbags in The Hornet
Constructing a pontoon bridge over the floodwaters
Tots from the Welcome House day nursery in Chichester dip their wellies in the floodwater
Sue Martin attempts to clear the water from her recently decorated home in Chichester
Catherine Thoms of Chichester is helped with the pushchair containing her 10 week old baby, Elizabeth, by one of the fire men who are battling against the floods
Floodwater in Appledram Lane North
Christopher Gent (12) and Dominic Moor (11) take the only sensible transport in East Lavant in January, 1994
Reg Davies-Poynter in the flooded basement of his home in St Pacras