Rare and spectacular image of eclipse from Chichester Cathedral

Eclipse at Cathedral
Eclipse at Cathedral

Chichester resident Dan Jones not only managed to see part of the eclipse this morning but even managed to take a striking photo of the well-shrouded event.

After planning the perfect shooting location by the Cathedral for what should have been a truly spectacular occasion, Dan managed to spot a rare gap in the grey clouds and capture this image of the sun as it emerged from the eclipse.

“I took up position outside House of Fraser before the eclipse was due to start,” he said. “I had scouted out the location a few weeks earlier to see where would be best to get a picture and this seemed like the best place.

“I wanted the Cathedral in the photo. I waited and the first glimpse I had was about 0910, I had been standing staring at the sky since 0825 so I hoped that this was a sign the clouds would clear.

“Unfortunately they didn’t. I stayed standing there right until the end, and got my next glimpse through the clouds at 1023 just as the eclipse was drawing to an end.”